Bye bye direct mail - Rotterdam tackles unaddressed mail

Rotterdam tackles unaddressed direct mailingRotterdam tackles unaddressed direct mailing
How do you feel about unaddressed advertising and leaflets in your mailbox? Love it or hate it, as of 1 January 2020, unaddressed mail will be regulated in a new way. 
The city council has decided that residents may still receive door-to-door newspapers in their mailbox, but no advertising leaflets. With the new system, the city council hopes to "save" about three million kilos of paper a year.

Yes or no to printed advertising in your mailbox?

If you would like to receive printed advertising material, stick a yes/yes sticker on the mailbox. Those who don't want to receive anything at all, including door-to-door newspapers, can use a No/No sticker. Both stickers can be picked up free of charge at one of the city shops or municipal offices. These are 'new' stickers, but the current stickers are also still valid.
"Households without a sticker on the letterbox now receive 34 kilos of unsolicited advertising leaflets every year", explains alderman Arno Bonte (Sustainability). "That is an unnecessary burden on the environment and an irritation for many people. We will put an end to that with this new system".


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