Recap: highlights from Roparun 2024 in Rotterdam

Recap: highlights from Roparun 2024 in Rotterdam

ROTTERDAM, 20 May 2024 – The annual Roparun event concluded as all participants crossed the finish line in Rotterdam. Teams from various regions ran over 500 kilometres to support palliative care for cancer patients.

Roparun participants finish in Rotterdam

On Monday, all participants of the annual Roparun crossed the finish line on the Coolsingel in Rotterdam. After covering over five hundred kilometres, the journey ended for the 210 teams that started on Saturday from Enschede and Clastres, France. The first team to finish around noon was Team 207 - KMA. The final participants to cross the line were from French team 221 – Les P’tits Guerriers.

International participation resumes

This year marked the return of international participation with a starting point in France after a five-year hiatus. In addition to the athletic achievement, teams raised funds throughout the year for palliative care for cancer patients. The funds are donated to charities that aim to improve the quality of life for cancer patients as much as possible. Each participating team consists of approximately twenty-five individuals, including up to eight runners. The teams are also supported by cyclists, drivers, caterers, masseurs, and navigators. Various festivities were organised in cities and towns along the route to support the participants.

Reflections on the event

“We look back on another unforgettable edition,” said director Lesly Wolters. “We witnessed much emotion, effort, and exhaustion during this event. However, it also had a festive element. Of course, there was the return to France, but it was also fantastic to see so many people in the Netherlands coming out to support our event. Now, we look forward to announcing a significant final amount in June. The current tally promises something great, but if you haven't supported our Roparunners yet, please do so! This achievement always deserves more support.”

Fundraising for palliative care

The Roparun is an event where teams raise funds for charities, institutions, and projects that improve the lives of cancer patients. Last year, the non-stop relay run raised nearly four million euros. The teams engage in fundraising activities throughout the year, ranging from collecting donations to washing cars and organising mini-Roparuns to delivering Christmas cards. All the money raised by these teams goes towards supportive care for cancer patients. This weekend, the participants gave their all. However, they were not the only ones giving. The Roparun Foundation also made donations along the route, presenting cheques to various charities.

About the Roparun

The Roparun is a non-stop relay race that has been organised for over 30 years. During the event, participants run and cycle in relay form, supported and assisted by drivers, carers, and caterers. The funds raised are used to support various causes in the Netherlands, France, and Belgium, aiming to improve the quality of life for cancer patients as much as possible.

End of an era: last weekend at the 'old' Baroeg

End of an era: last weekend at the 'old' Baroeg

ROTTERDAM, 1 May 2024 – A historic weekend marked the final chapter for Baroeg's current venue, drawing over 1,300 attendees across multiple events. A mix of nostalgia and vibrant celebration defined the atmosphere as Baroeg prepares for a relocation and upgrade.

Final farewell at the old Baroeg venue

The last weekend at Baroeg's existing venue witnessed unprecedented attendance, with the venue hosting Emo Night Mainland, the King's Day Festival, and a final performance by Canadian band Blasphemy. All events sold out, with the King's Day Festival alone attracting 600 attendees throughout the day. This weekend was not only a significant moment for the attendees but also an emotional milestone for the staff.

Long lines for the final event at the old Baroeg venue. Photo credit: Jan DuineLong lines for the final event at the old Baroeg venue. Photo credit: Jan Duine

Transition to a new era

With the closure of the old building, owned by the Municipality of Rotterdam, Baroeg looks forward to moving into a new, modern facility designed to meet contemporary demands, including a spacious concert hall, improved backstage areas, enhanced sound insulation, and upgraded office spaces. The old building, initially intended as a youth centre rather than a music venue, will be demolished in summer 2024, with the new venue expected to open in late 2025.

Blasphemy is the last band to perform in the old Baroeg. Photo credit: GWMPBlasphemy is the last band to perform in the old Baroeg. Photo credit: GWMP

Baroeg on tour

In the interim, Baroeg will continue to host performances at various locations across Rotterdam under the 'Baroeg On Tour' initiative. Notable upcoming performances include the English dreampop band Cranes, the Greek stoner band Godsleep, the Italian doom band Ufomammut, and the Polish death metal band Vader, ensuring the music continues in venues like Maassilo, Podium Grounds, Rotown, and SoundVille.

Recap: MOMO Festival 2024 highlights

Recap: MOMO Festival 2024 highlights

ROTTERDAM, 23 April 2024 – MOMO Festival concluded its latest edition this weekend, showcasing Rotterdam's vibrant cultural scene. A blend of experimental jazz, intimate performances, and dynamic live acts marked the three-day event.

Event highlights

MOMO Festival 2024, spanning three days, explored the boundaries of artistic and musical genres with a diverse program. The festival featured a three-day residency by Tom Skinner, while Depot Boijmans van Beuningen and Kunsthal were added as new venues. Acts like Deki Alem, Artemas, and Cosmo Pyke attracted a new generation of attendees, enriching the cultural tapestry of Rotterdam.

The large hall of Theater Rotterdam hosted performances by Dry Cleaning, Nubiyan Twist, and resident artist Tom Skinner, culminating in a deeply engaging experience for festival-goers.

Nubiyan Twist at Theater Rotterdam. Photo credit: Rosa QuistNubiyan Twist at Theater Rotterdam. Photo credit: Rosa Quist

Unique performances and moments

The festival is known for its diverse and cutting-edge programming. This edition was characterized by close interactions between artists and attendees, leading to many memorable moments. For instance, Wende's performance at the Arminiuskerk moved many to tears with its unplugged and intimate delivery, featuring unexpected guests, including a duet with Pitou on the song 'Troostzoekers'.

Artist in residence: Tom Skinner

Tom Skinner was given complete creative freedom as the artist in residence to curate his program over three days. The residency included a series of performances, beginning with an experimental session featuring composer and Daegeum soloist Hyelim Kim. The residency concluded with Skinner's band performing 'Voices of Bishara' at Theater Rotterdam, offering a unique jazz experience to the festival attendees.

Tom Skinner and Hyelim Kim at the Arminius Church. Photo credit: Rosa Quist.Tom Skinner and Hyelim Kim at the Arminius Church. Photo credit: Rosa Quist.

Art and critical perspectives

Throughout the festival, ongoing performances and art installations offered critical societal perspectives. The installation 'Dear Laila' by Basel Zaraa invited attendees into a miniature version of the artist's childhood home in a refugee camp, creating a profound experience on belonging and memories of displacement. Additionally, Weef.collectie's three-day 'black box' residency highlighted feminism through weaving, hard beats, and an evolving installation.

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