Groot Handelsgebouw’s open call for artists

Groot Handelsgebouw’s open call for artists

ROTTERDAM, 9 April 2024An exciting opportunity has arisen at the Groot Handelsgebouw for local artists and creators to showcase their work in the heart of the city.

New initiative launched at groot handelsgebouw

An open call has been issued by the Groot Handelsgebouw, inviting local artists, creators, entrepreneurs, craftsmen, and storytellers to fill 20 empty display cases within its premises. Located in a bustling office environment hosting over 450 companies, this project aims to inject art into a vibrant part of Rotterdam.

A creative hub in rotterdam's heart

The Vitrine Project continues the Groot Handelsgebouw's tradition of fostering creativity, following the success of the Collision Project, which allowed both emerging and internationally recognized artists to transform blank walls with their creative vision. This initiative underscores the building's commitment to promoting collaboration, innovation, and community engagement through art.

Open call for artists

Artists interested in participating may apply through an online form. There are no restrictions on the medium—whether sculpture, mixed media, or painting. The display cases vary in size and are strategically located on the ground and seventh floors, areas with high foot traffic, enhancing visibility. Artists also have the opportunity to sell their works directly via QR codes on the display case glass, which provide more information about the artists and their contact details or shops. Applications will remain open until all cases are filled.

About Groot Handelsgebouw

The Groot Handelsgebouw (GHG), adjacent to Rotterdam Central Station, serves as a dynamic hub for over 450 businesses and is a symbol of Rotterdam’s post-war reconstruction. Built in 1953, GHG spans 120,000 square metres across eight floors, making it one of the largest multi-tenant business buildings in the Netherlands. Managed by Jamestown, a design-focused real estate investment and management firm, GHG aims to preserve its heritage while adapting for future growth.

How to get there

The Groot Handelsgebouw is centrally located next to Rotterdam Central Station, making it easily accessible by public transport. The area is known for its blend of multinational corporations, startups, creatives, and cultural organisations. Visitors can reach the location by train, bus, tram, or metro, providing convenient access to this vibrant part of the city.

AAAFRESH123 - fresh contemporary art by Rotterdam-based trio

AAAFRESH123 - fresh contemporary art by Rotterdam-based trio

AAAFRESH123 is an art collective based in Rotterdam. These three creative minds, who share the same ideas and a passion for art, collaborate wittingly and unwittingly in the creation of art that is fresh, thought-provoking and inspiring.
Artists Hans Kleinjan (1958), Maikel Kleinjan (1984) and Roderik Faasen (1990) get a lot of work done in their studio in Rotterdam's Oude Noorden neighbourhood. Under the moniker AAAFRESH123, the trio has produced art that can be seen on display all over the world. The Rot terdam-based trio has presented their work at exhibitions in Milan, Antwerp and Los Angeles.

The atelier

Almost all of the work is made together, which results in surprising and above all colourful paintings. The studio at Zaagmolenkade 123 in Rotterdam-Noord, an immense 700 square metre building, is full of paintings. Paint tins and easels with works in progress are everywhere.
AAAFRESH123 atelier in Rotterdam 150159AAAFRESH123 atelier in Rotterdam 150159
AAAFRESH123 atelier in Rotterdam 150843AAAFRESH123 atelier in Rotterdam 150843AAAFRESH123 atelier in Rotterdam 150950AAAFRESH123 atelier in Rotterdam 150950
The artists refer to their studio as the neighbourhood's livingroom. At any given time, friends might drop by and a DJ might start performing. It's the kind of place where there is always something going on. It is this hustle and bustle of activity that inspires the artists.
AAAFRESH123 atelier in Rotterdam 151021AAAFRESH123 atelier in Rotterdam 151021
AAAFRESH123 atelier in Rotterdam 150058AAAFRESH123 atelier in Rotterdam 150058
AAAFRESH123 atelier in Rotterdam 150125AAAFRESH123 atelier in Rotterdam 150125

The art

The three artists met in 2008. Back then, they were all doing their own thing, including drawing, airbrushing, photography, poetry and graphic design. Their shared passion for artistic expression led to the creation of a collective whose work is almost always made up of three people. Working together on one canvas provides surprising and exciting moments. Paintings suddenly change direction, as a brushstroke comes from nowhere and upends one artist's concept. This is actually what makes the art quite interesting. The artists constantly come up with new insights and reinforce each other's talents.
AAAFRESH123 atelier in Rotterdam 150834AAAFRESH123 atelier in Rotterdam 150834AAAFRESH123 atelier in Rotterdam 151010AAAFRESH123 atelier in Rotterdam 151010
A visit to the studio can also be combined with a visit to GaleriAAA by Mangiare, an Italian restaurant next door. Indeed, some of the artwork is on display inside the restaurant. Every last Sunday of the month, they do a live painting session inside the restaurant.
Live painting is something they are particularly fond of. The trio has painted live on location at the North Sea Jazz Festival and the MTV Awards.


The reasoning behind the name AAAFRESH123 is actually simple. As Maikel Kleinjan explains it, 'fresh' was a word they used all the time and when making the move from Delfshaven to their new studio at Zaagmolenkade 123 they also saw it as a 'fresh' start. As for AAA, they thought it was a good fit, so that's how AAAFRESH123 was born.
AAAFRESH123 atelier in Rotterdam 150153AAAFRESH123 atelier in Rotterdam 150153

Location: AAAFRESH123


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