Stukafest Rotterdam - info, locations, date, artist line-up

Stukafest Rotterdam - info, locations, date, artist line-up

Stukafest is an annual festival in February, at which artists from all kinds of art disciplines (music, theatre, dance, poetry and small art and lectures) perform in different student rooms in Rotterdam. The artists are almost in your lap, or vice versa, that is exactly what makes Stukafest so special.

What is Stukafest?

Stukafest (Studentenkamer Festival) started in 2001 in Nijmegen. Due to its great success, Stukafest in Nijmegen has grown into a popular and often sold out annual event. Since 2008 the festival is also annually held in Rotterdam. Enjoy performances between beer crates, study books and socks. Various artists perform in thirteen student rooms around West Rotterdam. The room occupants are your hosts and the artists are almost on top of you. It’s a great way to meet new artists, but also new neighbours.
Prior to the festival, you compile your own program. Each artist performs three times, but can sometimes quickly sell out. If one of your chosen gigs is already sold out, you can either go to another round or choose a different performance. There is always plenty of choice and the unknown acts often turn out to be unexpected highlights.
Between the rounds there is always a half-hour break, so you don’t have to go running to the next room like a madman. The rooms are easily accessible by bike or on foot. After the final round, both the audience and artists attend the afterparty.

Stukafest Rotterdam 2021

Traditionally, Stukafest is a festival where attendees can create their own cultural route, choosing between different artists who perform in different student rooms across Rotterdam. The attendees go from one room to another on a three round basis.
Given the pandemic and the multiple restrictions in effect, Stukafest has decided to make the most out of this and is introducing StukafestTV, a digital concept of your favourite student festival.
This year, StukafestTV offers attendees the freedom of choosing their own digital path. Within StukafestTV, viewers can switch between the three cities to watch their most favourite acts in three rounds. In between performances, you can cycle through the cities and get to know their respective student atmospheres. On the 19th, you won’t only see Rotterdam, but also Utrecht and Leeuwarden. This way, Stukafest still guarantees the unique experience of a festival in student rooms, without having to leave your home.

Tickets to Stukafest Rotterdam

In 2021, the festival is organized together with Utrecht and Leeuwarden on Friday, the 19th from 19:00 and ending at 23:00. StukafestTV tickets are sold on a ‘pay what you can’ basis. This system aims to support the cultural and events sector through these tough circumstances, whilst still offering an affordable experience for our viewers. Therefore, our ticket prices range from a minimum of €2.70 and a maximum of €50. To purchase your tickets, you can go to the Ticketshop. (be sure to use the Dutch translation of the site to be able to buy tickets).

Stukafest Rotterdam 2021 artist line-up

Artists participating this year include:
  • Psychotic Lumberjacks
  • Alles Valt
  • Alison Jutta
  • GroetjesMarijke & Mikkl
  • Boterboter
  • Joan Ferré
  • Fintense
  • Laurens van der Weij
  • Daphne de Haas

Stukafest Rotterdam - event details

Stukafest 2021

Online event

Date(s) & Time(s):
19 February 2021 | 19:00 - 23:00

Eline Mann, Kees, Kolja Huneck, THE PIG among others

Pay what you want (€2.70 - €50)

get tickets

Event type:

Music Festival

For more information on Stukafest, visit the official Stukafest website. You can also follow Stukafest Rotterdam on Facebook and Instagram.
Stukafest Rotterdam 📷 Nikki SmitsStukafest Rotterdam 📷 Nikki Smits

Host a Stukafest concert

Do you have a student room or house in Rotterdam West and you’ve always wanted to participate in one of the cosiest and coolest festivals of Rotterdam? This is your chance! Stukafest is always looking for students who want to open up their room for a night and host one of the amazing performances. In exchange you will receive an unforgettable experience, afterparty included.

Stukafest Rotterdam 📷 Nikki SmitsStukafest Rotterdam 📷 Nikki Smits

Help organise Stukafest

Do you get excited about music, spoken word, comedy or dance and do you want to help out to realize an awesome student room festival? The organization is always looking for a number of enthusiastic location and board managers. As a volunteer, you get to enjoy the act, get to know the artists and join us at the afterparty. This way you will have a super fun evening and gain some experience at the same time. Interested? Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and who knows…

Stukafest Rotterdam 📷 Nikki SmitsStukafest Rotterdam 📷 Nikki SmitsStukafest Rotterdam 📷 Nikki SmitsStukafest Rotterdam 📷 Nikki SmitsStukafest Rotterdam 📷 Nikki SmitsStukafest Rotterdam 📷 Nikki Smits

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