Spectacular floating art studio 'Lorin' moors in Rotterdam

Spectacular floating art studio 'Lorin' moors in Rotterdam

In August 2021, Lorin's Promenade brings special performances to Rotterdam, inspired by illusionists Siegfried and Roy. Visitors can also come aboard the ship and experience concerts as well as view works of art in the floating art studio.
The Swiss, eccentric artist Anmari Mëtsa Yabi Wili sails in August across the waters of Rotterdam with her remarkable culture vessel 'Lorin'. From the deck she will give special live performances and light shows, which can be seen from the quay. When she docks with her motley crew of artists and musicians, you can admire her floating studio and enjoy exhibitions, concerts and art events inspired by the magic and life's work of world-famous illusionists Siegfried and Roy.

A treat for the senses

Pianist, composer, visual artist and performer Anmari Metsa Yabi Wili and her group of talented artists and musicians present spectacles of light, music, sound and magic. After sunset, the audience will be treated to an unforgettable spectacle, visible from the quay. Anmari has transformed the former cargo space of the ship into the 'Cargo Space Gallery', where 'Cargo Space Concerts' are given, with performances by piano duos and artistic, minimalist music with a lot of improvisation. In addition, a sound and visual installation by Anmari and Adrian Laugsch can be admired in the boat. Anmari's music, performances and artworks can normally be seen in cultural centres in Europe, India and North and South America. A number of works can be admired and purchased on the ship during Lorin's Promenade.
Spectacular floating art studio Lorin moors in RotterdamSpectacular floating art studio Lorin moors in Rotterdam

About culture ship 'Lorin

On the ship's deck of the Lorin - a ship of almost 45 metres long - live performances are given during the cruise, which can be seen from the quay. In Rotterdam, the Lorin sails along the Binnenhaven, Nieuwe Maas, Willemsbrug, Erasmus Bridge and Hotel New York. The performance cruise in Amsterdam sails along IJhaven, Jan Schaeferbrug, Eye, NDSM, Houthaven, Stenen Hoofd, IJdok, Central Station, De Ruijterkade and Javakade. Especially composed for the Lorin, there is live music, a soprano, and a narrator. The interplay of light, music, song and story makes the Lorin an impressive living sculpture that slowly makes its way through the dark water. Every year, Anmari puts together a completely new project especially for the Lorin. Her company of drivingsounds & arts with whom she works consists of internationally renowned artists. At the same time, the belly of the Lorin is home to Anmari's floating studio, where she lives, composes, plays the piano and creates art.
Spectacular floating art studio Lorin moors in RotterdamSpectacular floating art studio Lorin moors in Rotterdam

An international line-up

The Lorin's Promenade provides a stage for a special line-up of international artists. Musical talent Adrian Laugsch, a German-Polish composer, artist and sound designer, composed the music especially for the performances. So did Mikael Szafirowski, a Finnish guitarist and composer, and the bass baritone, Robert Koller, who has years of experience in the world of concerts and operas. Pianist Daniel Lorenzo is an avid interpreter of contemporary music and well versed chamber musician, and Anmari's piano duo partner. Charismatic speaker, storyteller, actor and singer Max Waldmann completes the ensemble, and Alice Rossi, an Italian opera singer, provides the magical tones with her enchanting voice.
Spectacular floating art studio Lorin moors in RotterdamSpectacular floating art studio Lorin moors in Rotterdam

Siegfried & Roy

Lorin's Promenade 2021 is a tribute to the legendary German-American illusionist duo Siegfried & Roy. The career of these extraordinary showmen spanned more than 40 years in which they enchanted circus lovers with their charisma and their almost supernatural illusionistic performances. Anmari and her artists use the theatrical magic of Siegfried & Roy as a source of inspiration for their performances.

Programme - Lorin's Promenade 2021

In Rotterdam, the ship will be moored at (opposite of) J.B. Bakemakade 26, 3071 ME. All the events listed below are 100% free of charge. Just hop aboard and enjoy the show. Some events, take place in the cargo hold of the ship while others can be admired from the deck or along the river bank.   
• 10 August | 14:00 - 18:00 | Cargo Space Gallery & Vernissage | Sound & Visual Installation 
• 10 August | 22:15 - 23:15 | River cruise + Performance |
Route: Binnenhaven, Nieuwe Maas, Willemsbrug, Erasmus Bridge, Hotel New York & Binnenhaven
• 11 - 12 August | 14:00 - 18:00 | Cargo Space Gallery | Sound & Visual Installation
• 11 August | 20:00 - 21:00 | Cargo Space Concert | 101 years Bruno Maderna & company with Konstanty Regamey 
• 12 August | 20:00 - 21:00 | Cargo Space Concert | 'Parallel Pathways' & minimal pianoduo 

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