Exhibition about forty years of Baroeg Rotterdam

40 years of Baroeg Rotterdam 📷 André ten Brinke40 years of Baroeg Rotterdam 📷 André ten Brinke
The oldest music venue in Rotterdam celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2021. A good reason for an exhibition at gallery & heritage lab DIG IT UP. With countless posters, set lists and lots of archive material, the story of this legendary place is told.
Baroeg is the only Dutch venue that has been offering a structural selection of established, innovative and talented bands within the hard and alternative genres of pop music for decades. Fans of (hard) rock, metal, gothic, emo, hardcore, punk, psychobilly, electro and industrial music will find plenty to enjoy in Baroeg. In addition to these main styles, there are all kinds of sub-genres and crossovers of styles that are also regularly featured on the stage.
Baroeg originated as an institution for youth work in the Lombardijen district of Rotterdam. The current concert venue, with a capacity of 350 visitors, was founded on 6 May 1981 under the name Stichting Open Jongeren Centrum Baroeg. Over the years, especially from the 1990s onwards, the stage function of Baroeg became increasingly important. The youth worker at the time, René Veerkamp, dared to specialise.
40 years of Baroeg Rotterdam 📷 André ten Brinke40 years of Baroeg Rotterdam 📷 André ten Brinke

Share your memories

DIG IT UP has made a name for itself as an important treasure trove of Rotterdam's urban culture. Unknown image and sound material is 'dug up' and made accessible forever as unique heritage of the city. An important spearhead is that the contributors to an exhibition are always directly linked to the subject. With Baroeg super-volunteer Leo Minderhoud as curator, this objective has once again been achieved.
The public is also actively involved in this exhibition. Do you recognise yourself on the photos, do you have additional material or do you want to share your memories? Then add your information to the online database or tell your story in the oral history booth. During the exhibition, there will be various activities such as craft afternoons, 'Ask a Baroegian', a Fanzine afternoon, a musical lecture and DJs.

When to visit the Baroeg Exhibition

Gallery & heritage lab DIG IT UP is located in the former Black Widow building at Nieuwe Binnenweg 13b in Rotterdam.
Opening hours: from 4 August - 29 August, from wednesday through sunday, between 12.00-18.00. 
The opening of 'Forty years of Baroeg' can be followed via live-stream on Sunday 1 August between 15.00 and 17.00 hours by visiting www.digitup.nl/live. For more information on the concept, go to www.digitup.nl/40jaarbaroeg.


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