RUNEXPECTED Rotterdam charity run - event details

RUNEXPECTED Rotterdam charity run - event details

An innovative charity run, RUNEXPECTED, makes its debut in Rotterdam this May, offering a unique course filled with surprises to support neurofibromatosis research.

RUNEXPECTED debuts in Rotterdam

On 26 May 2024, Rotterdam will host the inaugural RUNEXPECTED event, a charity run designed to support neurofibromatosis research through an unpredictable and engaging course. Participants can expect a mix of challenges and unexpected obstacles across approximately 5 or 10 kilometres of the cityscape.

Supporting neurofibromatosis research

Founded by Hubert van Wensen, chair of the LET’S BEAT NF foundation, RUNEXPECTED aims to fund research into neurofibromatosis, a neurological condition characterized by the uncontrolled growth of tumours on the skin or within the body. This event not only raises funds but also awareness about the disease's unpredictable nature, mirroring the unexpected elements of the run itself.

Neurofibromatosis is primarily a skin and nerve disease, causing severe health issues such as cancer, spinal cord injuries, suffocation, and intense pain. The condition affects one in every 3000 children in the Netherlands, making it a significant but relatively unknown disease.

Unpredictable challenges along the way

The course, set in central Rotterdam, promises no ordinary running experience. Participants might encounter misleading turns, blockades by a marching band, or even a staged abduction. Such elements ensure that this event is more about the experience and the cause than setting personal bests.

Impact of past events

Previous editions of the event have raised nearly 200,000 euros, supporting significant advancements in immune therapy research at the Erasmus Medical Centre. With the route passing by the NF Centre of Excellence at Erasmus MC, the organisers aim to exceed past fundraising totals and further aid in combating neurofibromatosis.

For more information about how to join the run or how to make a contribution, visit the official RUNEXPECTED website.

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