Djemaa el Fna food festival in Rotterdam - location, dates

Djemaa el Fna food festival in Rotterdam - location, dates

Djemaa el Fna is an annual Moroccan food festival in Rotterdam. Experience the rhythmic drums, rich spices, well-seasoned food and atmosphere of the Djemaa el Fna square in Marrakesh without leaving the country.
If you've ever been to Morocco, you probably know what this festival is all about. The Djemaa el Fna festival is inspired by the square with the same name in Marrakesh. A lively marketplace that transforms into a large outdoor restaurant in the evening. It is a square full of living heritage: the street artists, traders and chefs carry centuries of tradition with them.
The Djemaa el Fna festival at Museumpark aims to replicate that Marrakesh atmosphere right here in Rotterdam with the addition of Rotterdam's own wealth of cultures and traditions. Wander around the souk, sample tasty dishes, listen to talented artists and discover the colourful culture of the Middle East in the heart of Rotterdam.
Djemaa el Fna by Fleur Beerthuis 002Djemaa el Fna by Fleur Beerthuis 002

Djemaa el Fna Programme 2019

Visitors to Djemaa el Fna be treated to an extensive cultural program that includes music, literature, theatre, comedy, spoken word, culinary talk shows and more. In between the performances you can enjoy delicious meals. Visit the classic white stalls to taste unique family recipes as well as street food prepared by over 40 chefs. The traditional sounds of Dakka Marrakchia and classic Amazigh tunes can be heard everywhere in the square.

The weekend is full of performances, talk shows and workshops.

• Weet Smakelijk! (Tasty Knowledge)
Throughout the weekend you'll enjoy Dutch poet Derek Otte talking to young creators about what they're doing and what the influence of culture and identity is on their work during the "Weet Smakelijk'" talkshow. Otte: "In Weet Smakelijk, Mounir Toub and myself, will talk about the role that art and pop culture play in bringing together different worlds within one and the same world: the one that we share now." At the same time, Mounir cooks the guest's favourite dish and young spoken word artists are given a stage.  

• Talkshow van de Liefde (Talkshow of Love)
Talkshow of Love is presented by Yasmina Aboutaleb. She talks to young pioneers about love, culture and religion. The popular food blogger Mooncake provides a tasting and the new book by Abdelkader Benali is presented. All the while, folks will be treated to various kinds of delicious snacks. There's also musical entertainment by Yallah! Yallah!, Samira's Blues and Kaoutar Gadir.

• 50 years of Moroccan migration
Theatre-maker Fadua el Akchaoui is performing a trimmed-down version of the popular performance Mabrouk, in honour of fifty years of Moroccan migration. Earlier this year, Mabrouk was performed once by El Akchaoui, together with Nasrdin Dchar in Theater Zuidplein. The Amsterdam Andalusian Orchestra accompanies El Akchaoui. Also, Verhalenhuis Belvédère has recorded important, shocking and astonishing stories from Mabrouk. These will be shared on Saturday and Sunday.


Djemaa el Fna by Fleur Beerthuis 003Djemaa el Fna by Fleur Beerthuis 003


Djemaa el Fna - event details

Djemaa el Fna Rotterdam 2019

Museumpark Rotterdam

Date(s) & Time(s):
Friday, 20 September: 17:00 - 23:00
Saturday, 21 September: 13:00 - 23:00
Sunday, 22 September: 13:00 - 22:00


Regular: €6.50
Children (2-11) & Seniors (65+): €3.00

Want to know more about the programme? Visit the official Djemaa el Fna festival website.


Location: Museumpark Rotterdam

Djemaa el Fna is held in Museumpark. Not sure how to get there? Check out our directions to Museumpark.

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