De Maaltuin at Trompenburg Gardens: Rotterdam's culinary delight

De Maaltuin at Trompenburg Gardens: Rotterdam's culinary delight

Every spring, the pop-up restaurant experience De Maaltuin is hosted at Rotterdam's Trompenburg Gardens & Arboretum. De Maaltuin is a travelling restaurant that opens at special locations such as castles, palaces, museums or botanical gardens. While dining, visitors are introduced to the stories of these locations through specially prepared culinary dishes.
From March 22nd until May 12th 2024, visitors can discover idyllic locations while enjoying a unique five-course dinner with pleasant company. The event embraces the season by delving into rituals from various cultures, all of which draw inspiration from nature. Guests will be treated to a culinary journey through different areas of the botanical garden, acquainting themselves with a diverse array of exotic flowers, plants, and trees.

Culinary Stroll through the Gardens

The unique pop-up restaurant The Maaltuin returns this spring for a new edition at Trompenburg Gardens. During this so-called carousel edition, guests will dine at various locations in the Rotterdam botanical garden. The Kapschuur, Perenhof, and Zwanenmeer are all featured on the route. The event is ideal for those who appreciate nature and enjoy exploring amidst thousands of stunning flowers, trees, and plants. Love for nature goes hand in hand with culinary enjoyment, as Chef Paul Oldemenger, formerly of Michelin-starred restaurants, has developed a special menu inspired by the garden's beauty. This broad palette of flavours is further enhanced by a wine or mocktail pairing tailored to the menu. Visitors will learn about fascinating myths and legends, as well as various forms of art, such as Elsbeth van Noppen's stunning photo series, “Nocturnal Garden.”

Discover Inspiring Cultures

This exceptional evening focuses on rituals from diverse cultures. For instance, guests will be introduced to the Japanese Wishing Tree tradition. By hanging coloured wish cards on a tree, the Japanese ask the gods for no rain during their celebration of the Tanabata festival. The Maaltuin will feature its own Wishing Tree, where guests can write their wishes and hang them on the tree. Additionally, a museum piece, the Peyote cactus, will be displayed in a glass case. According to indigenous Mexican tribes, Peyote enables them to connect with the gods of earth and nature.


De Maaltuin at Trompenburg Gardens: Rotterdam's culinary delightDe Maaltuin at Trompenburg Gardens: Rotterdam's culinary delight


An Exceptional Night Out

The event promises a memorable evening. Upon arrival, guests will find themselves in an idyllic green oasis. With a refreshing welcome drink in hand, they will explore the gardens, taking in the stunning flowers, trees, and plants in bloom. Through podcasts and creative experiences, guests will learn about the stories behind this beautiful place. The inspiring route through the greenhouse, Perenhof, and Zwanenmeer will also feature dishes served in a walking dinner format, inspired by the garden and prepared with local, sustainable ingredients. Guests will even have the opportunity to taste a piece of the garden itself, as the menu includes wild garlic, an herb that grows abundantly in Trompenburg Gardens.


About De Maaltuin

The Maaltuin offers a unique way to experience special locations through delicious dining, dishes with a story, and live music. Each edition of The Maaltuin is distinctive and provides a surprising experience worth revisiting time and time again.


About Trompenburg Gardens & Arboretum

Trompenburg Gardens & Arboretum is a beautiful botanical garden with a large collection of trees, shrubs, perennials, bulbs and tubers. The garden covers 8 hectares and is located in the Kralingen district of Rotterdam, on the edge of the city centre. The garden is open to visitors in every season. The first construction took place about 200 years ago. Trompenburg is of great value in terms of biodiversity and natural history. It has also been a registered museum, a Rotterdam Monument, and is therefore the green museum of Rotterdam.

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