Zero Waste Cup system launches in Rotterdam

Paardekooper and tech start up PackBack launch Zero Waste Cup system in RotterdamPaardekooper and tech start up PackBack launch Zero Waste Cup system in Rotterdam
With the launch of the Zero Waste Cup, a smart, reusable cup system for 'on the go', entrepreneurs and consumers can now choose a sustainable alternative to the traditional disposable cups.
Paardekooper and tech start-up PackBack are introducing a smart, reusable cup system for 'on the go'. In combination with the 100% recyclable Zero Waste Cup, this user-friendly system helps the hospitality industry to take a big step towards operating in a circular manner. The integral approach contributes to preventing (litter) waste around coffee corners (company canteens), stadiums, amusement and holiday parks as well as zoos while also reducing CO2 emissions. As of 1 July, Rotterdam consumers can be the first to experience the convenience of this sustainable cup system.

Complies with new EU legislation on disposable plastic

What is unique is that, thanks to a patented design, the cup requires little material, is well insulated and is 100% recyclable. The cup also complies with the Single Use Plastics (SUP) legislation, the new EU regulations that will ban single-use plastic products from 3 July 2021. Styrofoam coffee cups with lids, plastic stirrers and other single-use plastic products will no longer be allowed. 
Fourth generation and CMO Lyanne Paardekooper: "The Dutch drink about 225 million coffees to-go each year. This integral reusable cup system helps us and our customers to take a big step from linear to circular business. A strong weapon in the fight against (litter) waste and CO2 emissions. At Paardekooper, we see recycling in combination with smart systems as the future. We are realising the system for 'on the go' together with the unique technology of circular tech start-up PackBack. With it, we can easily trace the cups in the chain with a QR code and facilitate the repayment of the deposit fully digitally."

Consumer demands 

The new concept helps businesses better cater to consumer demand since they are increasingly willing to go the extra mile for a better environment, and expect entrepreneurs to do the same. By opting for the Zero Waste Cup and thus for the circular pool system, consumers show their friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances that they consider it important to do their bit to create less waste. Without it costing them extra effort or money. 

Start in Rotterdam 

So how does this work? The Zero Waste Cup will be available from 1 July at six coffee shops in Rotterdam: Picknick Rotterdam, Parqiet, Sajoer, Bertmans, Holy Ravioli and SLA. The participating catering businesses can be recognised by specially designed yellow posters on the door or shop window. Paardekooper and PackBack will supply the entrepreneurs behind these businesses with the necessary stock of reusable cups.
Zero Waste Cup posterZero Waste Cup poster


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