VAIMOO expands Rotterdam fleet to 500 electric shared bikes

VAIMOO expands Rotterdam fleet to 500 electric shared bikes

ROTTERDAM, 21 December 2021 - VAIMOO, an originally Italian company that took over the e-bike sharing service in Rotterdam in 2019, has delivered the last 170 bikes to the municipality. The fleet of a total of 500 electric shared bikes is now complete. In addition, as of today, in-app payments are also possible with iDeal.

VAIMOO has also reactivated a network of more than 60 charging stations. These are divided into 28 physical points spread throughout the urban area (discover the map here), and 32 virtual parking spaces that cyclists can use to place their e-bikes next to the physical charging points, should they be full or unavailable. This is an effective result that will connect Rotterdam's city centre with its outlying areas. In addition, it makes the electric shared bike service in Rotterdam more inclusive and facilitates intermodal transport.

Anyone who wants to use an e-bike can use the VAIMOO app. The app is available in the App Store and the Play Store. Once the e-bike is unlocked, the user pays 15 cents per minute. Courtesy of user feedback and suggestions, the app now also includes iDeal as an available payment method, in addition to the already existing options (Mastercard, Visa, American Expresss, JCB). Google Pay and Apple Pay availability is slated for the near future.

Improved micromobility in Rotterdam

Micromobility - the unbundling of the car into smaller, electric vehicles aimed at a specific purpose - is now a crucial part of the transport network of large cities. It is expected that this form of transport will increase significantly in the Netherlands. After all, it is a lot more environmentally conscious and, in addition, cheaper than the car. The implementation of the e-bike infrastructure is therefore a step in the right direction.

"We are very proud to have completed the placement of our fleet for Rotterdam," says Matteo Pertosa, CEO of VAIMOO. "Despite the problems caused by the pandemic, we have continued to work hard to give Rotterdammers back an essential transport service. This will connect the entire city centre with the outlying areas."

Is VAIMOO the real deal?

According to VAIMOO, what makes them different is the wide distribution of charging stations, combined with an extensive fleet of fully electric shared bikes made from sustainable materials. The e-bikes are also connected online to enable remote diagnostics, reduce the likelihood of vandalism, facilitate maintenance and allow for the repositioning of vehicles. This results in improved service delivery.

In addition, the built-in e-bike connection module is ready to be integrated with third-party transportation systems. This results in a complete and fully integrated mobility network that facilitates the user's travel experience and ensures an increase in usage.

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