Rotterdam World Trade Center low-rise given A++ energy label

Monumental low rise WTC Rotterdam transitions from energy label G to A++Monumental low rise WTC Rotterdam transitions from energy label G to A++
In what's being hailed as a milestone in revitalization, the monumental low-rise WTC Rotterdam transitions from energy label G to A++.
ROTTERDAM, 21 December 2021 - It was already the case for the Highrise of WTC Rotterdam, but now the monumental low-rise section including the Postillion Hotel WTC Rotterdam has also achieved the 'BREEAM In-Use Very Good' certificate. The entire building has also recently been awarded energy label A++. This is an important milestone in the revitalization process of WTC Rotterdam. The BREEAM certification is particularly special because the low-rise building has a monumental status. This makes the implementation of sustainable adjustments while respecting the monumental status an extra challenge.
One of Bouwinvest's ambitions is to have its entire property portfolio meet the targets set out in the Paris Climate Agreement by 2045. Jan-Willem Kos, Senior Asset Manager Office & Hotel Fund explains: "For some time now we have been working on concrete initiatives to make our property portfolio 'Paris Proof'. We have, for example, managed to considerably reduce our CO-2 emissions''.
During the revitalization of WTC Rotterdam a complete series of sustainable modifications were made, including the installation of solar panels, the replacement of all lighting with LED lights, a highly advanced climate control system and a challenging facade renovation. Kos says: "That facade renovation, for example, has led to 30 tonnes of CO2 reduction per facade, per year. Our lifts and escalators generate their own energy''. Water-saving measures have also been taken in all sanitary facilities, and every new tenant and lease renewal is offered a Green Lease as standard. From now on, every change at WTC Rotterdam will be viewed through sustainable glasses. This has now resulted in this important certification. Obtaining this certificate shows that even in a monumental building, beautiful results can be achieved'', continues Kos.
We also have an eye for other sustainable initiatives, such as placing nesting boxes for birds and bats on the roofs, making a shared car park available and separating waste to a high degree. In terms of climate adaptation, Bouwinvest is constantly looking at ways of making improvements to its property portfolio based on the changing climate. For example, we took a close look at the old way of draining rainwater for the WTC Rotterdam. As a result, we are now installing green roofs to slow down drainage and limit heat stress,' says Kos.


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