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Meat Je Vrienden Live at Oude Haven RotterdamMeat Je Vrienden Live at Oude Haven Rotterdam
During the months of August and September, popular cafés along the Oude Haven aim to provide patrons with a 'holiday in your own country' experience. Every weekend, the entire terrace is transformed into a tropical holiday destination where you have a good time, without hours of driving or queues at the airport.

Summer dishes galore

In the Oude Haven, on the Haringvliet, a unique collaboration has been established between Meat Rotterdam, Oesteria and De Vrienden Live. This combination results in a gigantic sunny terrace with live music and delicious dishes: 'Meat Je Vrienden Live', pun intended.
Spain, Italy, Argentina and the Netherlands are the countries that will be presented at Meat Je Vrienden Live in the coming weeks. Besides the regular menu, Meat Je Vrienden Live offers a special menu: every weekend you can taste different specialities from one of these holiday countries. The combination of delicious dishes, a cosy atmosphere, matching music and the right hospitality gives guests the ultimate holiday feeling.
In particular, the Spanish holiday vibes are doing well this summer on the terrace of Meat Je Vrienden Live. The home-made paella with fresh sangria is therefore named special of the month. Every Thursday evening in August and September you can order this dish unlimited and that's definitely worth it.
Meat Je Vrienden Live at Oude Haven RotterdamMeat Je Vrienden Live at Oude Haven Rotterdam

Location: De Vrienden Live



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