Foodhallen Rotterdam opens its doors to local food trucks

Foodhallen Rotterdam opens its doors to local food trucks

Now that food festivals can't take place, the Foodhallen in Rotterdam is opening up a number of spaces to new tenants. Food trucks, rolling kitchens and culinary snack buses are all welcome to set up shop at one of Rotterdam's iconic locations. With the gesture, Foodhallen is offering food truck entrepreneurs a helping hand this summer.
Soon the Foodhallen Rotterdam will reopen the doors of the monumental warehouse on Rotterdam's south side. With 1100m2 of space and the large outdoor terrace that the Rotterdam hotspot has at its disposal, social distancing is not going to be a problem. Moreover, now that everyone is eager to eat outside the door or grab a terrace, the Foodhallen is ideal for a culinary trip around the world, without actually having to travel too far from home. At Foodhallen, different food stands bring together tastes and cultures from all over the world.

Start your own food stand?

In line with their creed, We Celebrate Flavours, Foodhallen Rotterdam is always open to adding innovative and high-profile culinary concepts to its offering. Do you think you can be an addition to the Foodhallen Rotterdam and would you like to bring your unique flavours to their attention? Mail your concept to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Foodhallen Rotterdam

Foodhallen Rotterdam is located in the monumental Pakhuismeesteren warehouse, one of the most beautiful and exciting places in the city. The building was used from 1818 onwards to store exotic ingredients from faraway countries. Now it is a popular gathering place for good food and drinks from all over the world, housing twelve different kitchens. In the industrial building, the rawness of the old warehouse has been preserved, such as high unfinished ceilings and concrete pillars. The central point is the bar in the middle of the hall, with artisanal beers and international wines.

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