Sawa - unique wooden residential building comes to Rotterdam

Sawa exterior render 📷 Mei architectsSawa exterior render 📷 Mei architects
Soon, Rotterdam's Lloydkwartier area will welcome an entirely wooden, fifty meters tall residential building. The new complex, designed by architectural firm Mei, will consist of one hundred homes.
Mei architects and planners designed a unique wooden residential building 'Sawa' in the heart of the Lloydkwartier in Rotterdam. A residential building with a height of 50 metres is not special in Rotterdam, but if that complex is entirely made of wood, it is a first.
Sawa comprises around 100 homes, 50 of which are mid-rental apartments. The building has been given the name Sawa because of its stepped shape with green terraces. Mei states that it is a reference to Asian rice fields and a reference to the history of the place. From the Lloydpier, passenger ships used to depart to the east with shipping company Rotterdamsche Lloyd.
Exceptional about Sawa is that the building is built as much as possible in CLT (cross laminated timber). By working with cross laminated timber, CO2 emissions are reduced. The construction time with this material is also shorter compared to concrete construction. The intention is to start building next year. In addition, the building distinguishes itself by its generous green terraces, which enhance the biodiversity of the district.
Sawa interior render 📷 Mei architectsSawa interior render 📷 Mei architects
The apartments will have spacious, green terraces. Help has been requested from city ecologists to integrate the greenery in the balconies, terraces and deck.
Architectural firm Mei is also behind Phoenix I, which was voted 'best building in Rotterdam' by a professional jury earlier this year. Sawa has been commissioned by Nice Developers & Era Contour.


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