Rotterdam Centraal Station is voted best in the region

Rotterdam Centraal Station voted best in the regionRotterdam Centraal Station voted best in the region
Rotterdam Centraal is the best-appreciated train station in our region. In the annual 'Station Experience Monitor' of the NS (Dutch Railways), the station receives a score of 7.8. This also makes it the best rated central station in the Netherlands. A title it shares with Arnhem Central Station.

NS has been conducting research into passenger satisfaction with stations for some time now. At larger stations this is done several times a year. Smaller stations do so once a year.
According to the researchers, travellers have started to appreciate their train station more and more. In 2014, 64 percent of those surveyed gave their station a rating of 7 or higher. Now that's 77 percent.

Lage Zwaluwe station has the lowest rating. That station received a 5.9. That is a fraction lower than, for example, Dordrecht-Zuid and Rotterdam-Alexander, which receive the same rating rounded off.


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