Rotterdam's business climate recovers post-pandemic

Rotterdam's business climate recovers post-pandemic

ROTTERDAM, 3 April 2023 – Post-pandemic recovery has been observed in Rotterdam's business and tourism sectors, with increases in hotel guests, international businesses, and conferences in 2022.

Economic recovery

The number of hotel guests in Rotterdam in 2022 reached approximately 1.1 million, a positive development after the challenging years of the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, 45 new international businesses established themselves in the city, with a growing focus on energy transition, digitalisation, and circularity.

Business tourism

Business tourism witnessed an upswing in 2022, with conferences returning and new events successfully launching, such as Breakbulk Europe and the World Hydrogen Summit & Exhibition. Rotterdam Partners, responsible for city marketing and acquisition for Rotterdam, attracted 24 new conferences, contributing an estimated 21 million euros to the city.

Alderman Robert Simons (Economy) stated, “Rotterdam is in demand and is being rediscovered by tourists and business visitors. This is also what I hear from hoteliers and see myself when walking through the city. It's good for employment and the cash registers of all those hard-working entrepreneurs with their hotels, restaurants, cafés, entertainment venues, and shops.”

International business climate

The arrival of international businesses remains crucial for Rotterdam's economy and entrepreneurs. The 45 international companies established in 2022 brought over 2.5 million euros in investments to the city, with more than half invested in the energy transition. These businesses also generated around 1,300 new jobs in the logistics, chemical, agri-food, and energy sectors.

Wilbert Lek, director of Rotterdam Partners, said, “We are pleased with these results. With our international marketing and acquisition, Rotterdam Partners contributes to a strong and resilient economy that ensures a good future for Rotterdammers and Rotterdam entrepreneurs in the long term. In doing so, we take into account the city's other challenges on a daily basis, including the increasing scarcity of space, the availability of talent, and the balance between a livable and vibrant city for Rotterdammers that is also attractive to visitors.”

Simons added, “Rotterdam continues to attract international businesses. They are increasingly looking at how they can help our city with developments such as the energy transition. That's what I like to see: the city and entrepreneurs must strengthen each other. That benefits Rotterdammers.”

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