Rotterdam lowers rates for parking garages

Rotterdam lowers rates for parking garages

Rotterdam is making it cheaper for you to park your car in parking garages. Sound too good to be true? Well, you're right. It's also becoming more expensive to park on the street. 

Rotterdam is trying to reduce the amount of cars in the city centre in order to improve the air quality and make more room for pedestrians, cyclists and, well, terraces. It is expected tht up to 2000 parking spots will disappear in the coming years.

This is great news for travellers wanting to visit the city by car. P+R locations along the outskirts of the city will be free on weekends. Government owned parking garages will undergo a 70 cent price reduction. The new €2 euro per hour rate (and €1 per hour after 22:00) will go in effect at the following parking garages: 

  • Museumpark
  • Kruisplein
  • Schouwburgplein
  • Meent
  • Boompjes
  • Erasmusbrug

Also new, is the introduction of a €7,50 day rate for special events. As for parking on the street? We're going to be paying 4 euro's an hour from now on. 


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