Rotterdam boosts elderly care with dining subsidies

Rotterdam boosts elderly care with dining subsidies

ROTTERDAM, 3 November 2023 – In a significant move to enhance community dining and social interaction among the elderly, the Rotterdam city government has announced a new subsidy scheme for care and neighbourhood restaurants.

Photo credit: David Rozing

Expansion and renovation of local eateries

Alderman Ronald Buijt of Care, Elderly and Youth Care awarded the subsidies on Friday, marking a new chapter for the city's culinary landscape. The scheme has led to the creation of four new restaurants and the renovation or sustainability improvement of five existing locations.

Buijt expressed enthusiasm for the diverse applications received, highlighting the special initiative of a mobile kitchen designed to serve healthy meals to the elderly across multiple locations.

Supporting elderly care through community dining

The subsidy aims to encourage the establishment of new care and neighbourhood restaurants while aiding the growth of existing ones. These restaurants are envisioned as social hubs where the elderly can engage in conversations, enjoy healthy and affordable meals, and participate in various activities, thus combating loneliness within the community.

Eligibility for the subsidy requires the restaurants to host at least two dining activities per week for the elderly. The funding can be utilized for kitchen equipment, staff training, efficient marketing, communication strategies, and other aspects. In addition to monetary aid, vouchers are also provided to invite local residents for free trial meals.

Financial allocation for the project

For the year 2023, €369,000 has been allocated to this initiative from an available €450,000. The budget will increase to €680,000 in 2024, and from January 2025 to December 2026, the subsidy will be €530,000. 

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