Record number of homes being built in Rotterdam

Record number of homes being built in Rotterdam

With the start of the Little C residential project near Coolhaven, the number of homes being built this year has reached 2600. Based on the progress of other construction projects, it is likely that number will reach a record-breaking 3800 before the year's end. The current record, set only last year (2017), stands at 3764.

Alderman Robert Simons of urban development announced the figures before driving the first pile of the Little C project; a new construction project located next to the Coolhaven. "Rotterdammers want a living career in their own city, you can see that at Little C" he said.
According to Simons, more than half of the buyers come from Rotterdam and want to live more spacious, green or better. "The demand for houses is enormous and we must continue to build those houses. If we keep this pace we will break the building record again."

A selection of the projects that were started in 2018:
  • De Startmotor (566 homes near the Ikazia hospital)
  • Laan van Tinbergen (56 homes in park 16Hoven)
  • Zuiderhof (73 homes on the site of the former Zuiderziekenhuis)
  • Transformation of the Lee Towers (840 homes in the former Marconitorens)
And later in 2018
  • Cooltower (281 homes)
  • Zalmhaventoren (482 homes)
Rotterdam will continue to build on substantially, as agreed upon in the 2030 Housing Vision (Woonvisie 2030). Within the boundaries of the city, new areas will be designated for the purpose of building new homes. These areas include vacant offices and shops.
Given the current pace of construction, it is expected that the ambition outlined in the Woonvisie accord will be realized much earlier than 2030.

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