New escalators unveiled at World Trade Center Rotterdam

Jan Willem Kos and Eveline Steenbergen at the new unique WTC Rotterdam escalators 📷 Gerrit VermeulenJan Willem Kos and Eveline Steenbergen at the new unique WTC Rotterdam escalators 📷 Gerrit Vermeulen
On 13 April 2021, brand-new escalators at WTC Rotterdam were taken into use for the first time. The outdoor escalators move both diagonally and horizontally while following the contours of the stairs, making them unique in the Netherlands. 
ROTTERDAM, 13 April 2021 - Today, the new escalators of the World Trade Center Rotterdam were put into operation for the first time. The eye-catchers are not only a new asset for the streetscape of Rotterdam, but also unique in the Netherlands. They are the very first outdoor escalators that follow the platform and thus move both diagonally and horizontally. WTC Rotterdam has been working on making the monumental building more sustainable for some time now. The revitalization of the entrance area is part of the large master plan with which WTC Rotterdam is being prepared for the future.
Architectural firm BiermanHenket, builder Van Wijnen, supplier Schindler and project manager Cushman & Wakefield Project & Development Services worked for months on the realization of the escalators. Managing Director of World Trade Center Rotterdam Eveline Steenbergen is enthusiastic about the final result: "We are extremely proud that the Netherlands' first outdoor escalators lead to the entrance of World Trade Center Rotterdam. It is the epitome of modern technology, and at the same time the monumental character of the building and the beautiful staircase have been preserved. The symmetry has returned and even the tiles that had to be removed for the escalator have been reused where the old escalator used to be."
New unique escalators installed at WTC Rotterdam 📷 Gerrit VermeulenNew unique escalators installed at WTC Rotterdam 📷 Gerrit Vermeulen
The escalators are also very special on an international scale, explains Rob Jue, Director of New Construction at supplier Schindler: "Even in the 'escalator world' these are special specimens. Worldwide, the number of outdoor escalators is very small. After all, this is a very complex construction and the stairs also have to be able to withstand all kinds of weather conditions. The escalators are therefore more robust than other escalators, so that they can really face a long future. Naturally, the escalators have been produced as sustainably as possible and are low in energy consumption."

Revitalization of WTC Rotterdam

The delivery of the escalators marks the completion of the second phase of work on the main entrance. This brings WTC Rotterdam one step closer to the completion of the grand master plan. This plan will provide tenants and visitors with even more high-quality facilities, including a hotel, brasserie, company restaurant and an in-house city gym. In the coming period, much work will be done to complete the plan, including the opening of the new brasserie Jules and the rest of the entrance area.

About World Trade Center Rotterdam

World Trade Center Rotterdam, situated in the bustling city centre and in the middle of the Central Business District, has been part of Bouwinvest's Office Fund since 2015 and has a total floor area of 82,000 m². As a member of the World Trade Centers Association, WTC Rotterdam is part of the large international network of World Trade Centers and works intensively with various partners in the field of international business. The former Beursgebouw is a national monument and currently offers accommodation to approx. 100 tenants. In addition to the rental of state-of-the-art office space, freelancers and occasional renters are provided with flexible workspace in the Business Center. The building is known for its high level of facilities, including a hotel with 168 rooms, a conference centre, the Coffee Salon, an Art Gallery, in-house gym, company restaurant, brasserie, WTC Service Store, car parks and shops.


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