How about living in Rotterdam's former Noordsingel prison?

How about living in Rotterdam's former Noordsingel prison?

After completing a massive transformation, BAM Wonen delivers 57 homes in Rotterdam's former Noordsingel prison.
Rotterdam, 9 October 2020 - Having been commissioned by HD Group, BAM Wonen has now delivered the last home of a total of 57 in the first phase of the Tuin van Noord project to its future occupants. With the completion of the last home, built in the former cell wings of the Noordsingel prison, the construction work for BAM Wonen has been completed. With the transformation of the Noordsingel prison, which started in 2018, the site has now been transformed into a beautiful residential and living environment, with the public neighbourhood garden still under construction.

A different kind of prison life

The Noordsingel prison, originally built in 1872, provided space for 340 cells. These have now been transformed into 57 unique homes. The new residences were built by transforming the former cell wings A, B, C and D, the connections between the cell wings and the panopticon (the central centre of the cell wings).
The homes are available in ten different types, varying in living area from 60m2 to 300m2, with two to five floors. All the residences have their own entrance, garden and optionally an extra storage room and parking space. The homes have been furnished by the residents according to their own taste and sometimes even with the preservation of old prison elements. In a number of homes, for example, a cell door or stairs can be found.
"The combination of old and new and the unique living environment appealed to us enormously in Tuin van Noord. After the key has been handed over, the cast floor will be installed, the kitchen installed and next year we will furnish the garden. We hope to enjoy our home during the holidays. You could say that we are looking forward to going to prison", said the new residents Jeroen and Marieke.
Tuin van Noord Rotterdam residents Marieke and Jeroen in their new homeTuin van Noord Rotterdam residents Marieke and Jeroen in their new home
Robin Dijkgraaf, director of the HD Group: "There is now an insanely beautiful complex in Rotterdam that will make a very important contribution to improving the Old North".
"After an intensive construction period, the old prison on the Noordsingel has been transformed into 57 beautiful homes with contemporary living comfort. We are proud of the end result and the cooperation with our partners," says Wout van der Waal, Deputy Director Southwest at BAM Wonen.

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