Digital car rental service UFODRIVE available in Rotterdam

Digital car rental service UFODRIVE available in Rotterdam

Car sharing app UFODRIVE is now officially available in Rotterdam. UFODRIVE is a fully digital electric car rental service that aims to simplify the car rental process, making long queues and paperwork a thing of the past.


The UFODRIVE fleet consists only of high-end electric cars such as the Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model S and the Audi e-tron. All the cars are available for pickup in the Interparking parking garage located beneath the Markthal. The prices are fixed and vary per car. Renting a Tesla Model 3 is already possible from €99 per day. The more luxurious Tesla Model S is available from €149 per day. The costs for charging are included in the price. The cars can be rented 24/7.



You can book a car via the website or though the free app (available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store). UFODRIVE makes car rental accessible by using the UFODRIVE app. After you look up and rent your desired car, the vehicle is charged and washed. This allows you to start your journey, in a fully charged and clean car, without delay. Returning the car also goes very smoothly. All you'd need to do is connect the car at the charging point.

UFODRIVE launches in RotterdamUFODRIVE launches in Rotterdam

Zero emissions and green energy

By using UFODRIVE, city residents, (business) travellers and car enthusiasts can avoid the cost of car ownership. In addition, the service contributes to a clean, quiet city with no emissions. Each car is equipped with an Eneco charging card and is therefore powered by 100% green electricity. In addition, UFODRIVE donates €1 per 100kg of CO2 savings to green energy projects, thereby contributing to a sustainable and emission-free world.

UFODRIVE expansion

With the expansion in Rotterdam, UFODRIVE is adding another new city to its list of European locations. A year ago, the service opened its first location, a so-called UFOBay, at the airport in Luxembourg. Since then, UFODRIVE has rolled out in Brussels, Dublin, Hamburg, Cologne, Amsterdam and The Hague.

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