Baroeg Open Air 2020 to continue as an online festival

Baroeg Open Air 2020 to continue online via TwitchBaroeg Open Air 2020 to continue online via Twitch
After previously announcing that the festival will be moved to the year 2021 because of Covid-19, Baroeg Open Air has decided not to let Saturday 12 September 2020 go by unnoticed. BOA 2020 will still take place, as an online event.
On September 12, 2020, Baroeg will stream music non-stop with live shows of bands that would play this year at the BOA Talent Stage or at the Plee Sessions.

Baroeg Open Air 2020 line-up

Performers at Baroeg Open Air 2020 include: Skapiche, All Doomed, Death, Menacer, Father Sons and Deathisfaction.
When there's no band playing, Baroeg DJ's and guest performers, including DJ's Okkie and Gareth (a.k.a. DJ Thrasher from PRSPCT) will provide musical entertainment. They'll serve up music from acts who shook the Zuiderpark at one of the previous thirteen BOA editions.
The regular Baroeg Open Air presenter, Deef de Kanarie, is also present.
The online festival can be followed free of charge on 12 September from 12:00 to 23:00 via Baroeg's Twitch account:


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