Antisocial drivers face hefty fines in Rotterdam

Antisocial drivers face hefty fines in Rotterdam

ROTTERDAM, 23 June 2023 – A new initiative to combat antisocial driving behaviour is being launched in Rotterdam. The city is introducing a series of measures, including hefty fines, to deter drivers who repeatedly flout traffic rules.

Rotterdam's response to antisocial drivers

The city of Rotterdam is acting against drivers causing nuisance. This summer, the city will introduce a new enforcement method, imposing fines of €500 on drivers who repeatedly break traffic rules. This measure is part of the new Rotterdam Traffic Nuisance Approach (Rotterdamse Verkeersaso Aanpak - RVA), presented today by Alderman Vincent Karremans.

Antisocial driving behaviour, particularly during the summer months, is a significant annoyance in the city. Residents find it highly disruptive, impacting the city's liveability. This behaviour includes unnecessary rapid acceleration, modified cars with loud exhausts, cruising (show traffic), and loud music.

Alderman Vincent Karremans (Enforcement, Public Space and Mobility) stated, “We now have a set of stringent measures that will significantly impact those causing nuisance. Together with the police, we will eradicate antisocial traffic behaviour from our streets. Rotterdam is not, and will not become, a silence garden, but we aim for a more decent environment.”

The Rotterdam traffic nuisance approach

The approach comprises several robust measures to both stop the nuisance-makers and prevent nuisance:

  • A dedicated 'traffic nuisance team' of municipal enforcers will focus specifically on antisocial driving behaviour.
  • A fine of €280 for 'unnecessary noise nuisance' from vehicles will be imposed by the police and municipal enforcers. This includes unnecessary rapid acceleration, modified cars with loud exhausts, and loud music.
  • Persistent offenders will be subject to a penalty under compulsion. Municipal enforcers will conduct targeted actions in streets with a high level of nuisance. Enforcers will observe, report, and impose the penalty under compulsion. For each subsequent offence, the driver will have to pay a penalty of €500, up to a maximum of €3000.
  • Agreements will be made with car rental companies at regional and national levels to facilitate the seizure of rental cars more easily. This will curb the proliferation of fast, noisy rental cars with foreign licence plates.
  • Noise meters will be installed at various locations to monitor noise nuisance. In collaboration with the traffic nuisance team and the police, this will help determine which locations and time periods require enforcement.
  • A behaviour campaign will start in the summer of 2023, addressing the offending group about their behaviour.

One of the measures that will continue this year is the closure of streets in the city centre. More information about this and the complete package of measures can be found at    

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