Rotterdam leads with updated social return goals

Rotterdam leads with updated social return goals

ROTTERDAM, 29 February 2024 – A revitalised approach to social return in Rotterdam aims to create more job opportunities for those distant from the labour market. The city's enhanced strategy seeks to double the number of recognised social enterprises and significantly increase engagement from major organisations.

Revamped social return approach in Rotterdam

The city of Rotterdam has initiated an intensified strategy on social return, aiming to significantly impact job opportunities and developmental possibilities for individuals distanced from the employment market. This strategy focuses on doubling the number of acknowledged social enterprises and the participation of large organisations in utilising their purchasing power for social impact.

Alderman Versnel (Work & Income) emphasised the importance of making employment accessible to all Rotterdam residents, including those with disabilities or those currently without a suitable employment position. “Social return is an excellent tool to accelerate this process,” Versnel stated, highlighting the ambitious goals set by the city's updated policy.

Ambitious goals and innovative directions

To amplify its impact, the municipality is expanding collaborations and aiming to double the count of so-called 'anchor organisations' from 10 to 20. These organisations, which wield significant purchasing power, range from hospitals and housing corporations to educational institutions and utility companies. The goal is a more than threefold increase in the social return value they generate, aiming for a growth scenario from 7 to 25 million euros in social return outcomes. Furthermore, the city intends to double the number of recognised entrepreneurs from 50 to 100.

Expanding possibilities for contractors

The broadening of this approach allows contractors more flexibility in fulfilling their social return commitments. Employers offering permanent contracts to encourage sustainable reintegration into the workforce are rewarded, and there is greater scope for customised and creative solutions. Concurrently, stricter enforcement ensures the complete realisation of social return obligations, emphasising the priority of jobseekers' opportunities.

Creative implementation examples

The Rotterdam-based marketing communication agency 0to9 exemplifies the open interpretation of social return by hiring individuals on benefits. This initiative not only assists these individuals in finding employment but also addresses broader issues such as financial problems, loneliness, education, and legal assistance.

Robert Jan, Director of 0to9, expressed satisfaction with the expanded options for fulfilling social return requirements, noting the challenges of offering job positions within a high-professional environment and the benefits of providing broader support through their program for Rotterdam's Douwers.

Leading by example

Rotterdam stands as a national frontrunner in social return, with the city achieving over 35 million euros in social return results in 2023, aiding 3000 individuals in finding employment. The city's ambitious goal is to reduce the number of residents on welfare benefits to 30,000 by the end of the current city council's term. This new approach to social return is pivotal in reaching this objective, complemented by active collaboration with the 15 municipalities in the Rijnmond labour market region and the adoption of updated regional social return policies.

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