AM to start construction of BABEL complex in Rotterdam

AM to start construction of BABEL complex in Rotterdam

AM signals start of construction of contemporary BABEL with stacked family homes in Rotterdam. 
Rotterdam, 25 November 2021 - Area developer AM has given the go-ahead for the construction of 24 unique two-storey flats in the BABEL residential building in Rotterdam. The striking complex combines the traditional single-family home with an apartment building. This creates a residential tower with two-storey homes. With this offer, BABEL responds to the demand for housing for families who want to stay in the city. 

BABEL facilitates encounters

BABEL will be located on the Lloyd Pier on the corner of Kratonkade and Loods Celebes and will comprise a total of 24 two-storey homes and 24 parking spaces in a closed garage. It is a lively and idiosyncratic building, stacked like a pyramid to create terraces, on top of which are the outdoor spaces of the dwellings. A communal walkway runs around the building and upwards, facilitating encounters between residents. The walkway also connects the various flats and outdoor spaces. The building's column structure allows for flexible layout, also in the future. The addition of rich greenery to the terraces gives BABEL a natural and pleasant appearance.
The generous flats have a spacious living room and three or four bedrooms, making them suitable for families with children. The large amount of light in the flats also makes them ideal spaces for working from home, for example. The size of the various residences varies from approximately 80 m2 to 190 m2 and they all have a loggia, balcony or terrace on the side of the Schiehaven or with a view of the river Maas. The range also includes a luxury penthouse of around 190 m2 with three terraces. Prices start at € 500,000. At the moment, there are still a few homes available. Residents of BABEL can also make use of the spacious collective garden between the Lloyd Yard and BABEL residential buildings. This will be a green and pleasant semi-public place for meeting and relaxing.
The prize-winning design of BABEL comes from architect Laurens Boodt. The construction is in the hands of Kroon en de Koning. Completion is expected in the last quarter of 2023.
AM to start construction of BABEL complex in RotterdamAM to start construction of BABEL complex in Rotterdam

Healthy mobility

Residents will be encouraged to cycle more often thanks to the excellent bicycle accessibility and an easily accessible bicycle shed on the ground floor of the building. This will contribute to a car-free and sustainable residential area.

AM and its social themes, Inclusive City and City and Area Maker

With the development of BABEL, AM is implementing its social themes of Inclusive City and City and Area Maker. The development of BABEL will help transform Lloydpier into a liveable and attractive district in the middle of Rotterdam's urban context. BABEL gives families the perfect opportunity to live in the centre of Rotterdam: urban yet relaxed.
AM to start construction of BABEL complex in RotterdamAM to start construction of BABEL complex in Rotterdam 

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