Pernis: Rotterdam's unique industrial village

Pernis: Rotterdam's unique industrial village

Photo credit: Peter Schmidt. 
Pernis is an industrial district in the southwestern part of Rotterdam, characterized by its village-like charm, close-knit community, and unique blend of urban and rural living. The district offers a distinctive experience for those seeking a quieter retreat within the city.


Pernis was established as a separate village in the 13th century and was later incorporated into Rotterdam. The area has since developed into a thriving industrial district, boasting a strong community spirit and a rich history.

Landmarks and Attractions

Notable landmarks in Pernis include the historic St. Odulphus Church, the picturesque village centre, and the Pernisse Hoed, a traditional Dutch windmill. The district also offers a variety of leisure facilities, including sports centres and community centres.

Housing Market

The housing market in Pernis offers a diverse range of options, from traditional Dutch homes to modern flats. Property prices and rental rates in the district are generally more affordable compared to other areas in Rotterdam, making it an attractive option for those seeking budget-friendly accommodations.

Shopping and Entertainment

Pernis features a variety of local shops, markets, and boutiques, catering to the needs of residents. The district also offers a range of leisure activities, including cultural events, outdoor recreation, and community gatherings.

Going Out

The dining scene in Pernis is diverse, with numerous restaurants, cafés, and bars offering a wide range of cuisines. From local eateries to international dining experiences, there's something for everyone to enjoy in this unique district.

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