Rotterdam's mobility platform umob now offers access to 50,000 vehicles across Europe, including all Dutch scooter sharing providers, in a single, user-friendly app.

One app for scooter sharing in the Netherlands

ROTTERDAM, 13 February 2024 – A leap towards unified urban mobility, as a local platform brings all scooter sharing services under one digital roof.

umob pioneers in integrating all Dutch scooter sharing providers into a single app

In a notable development for the Netherlands' mobility landscape, the Rotterdam-based mobility platform umob has become the first Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) platform to fully integrate all Dutch scooter sharing providers. The platform's recent expansion to include Check, alongside existing partners such as Felyx, GO Sharing, public transport, taxis, and shared bicycles, now offers users access to 50,000 vehicles through a single application. This integration not only spans the Netherlands but also extends to major cities across Europe, with plans to further broaden coverage across the continent.

MaaS platforms are designed with the traveler in mind, consolidating various travel options within one application. Users can now navigate and transact with all service providers through the umob app, benefiting from the same rates as those offered directly by the providers. The inclusion of Check enhances user convenience in municipalities where scooter sharing is available, enabling easy booking and payment for transportation. The app's service portfolio also includes shared (cargo) bikes, public transportation, and taxis.

Bibi Jorissen, Managing Director of umob, emphasized the importance of providing a viable alternative to private vehicle ownership in cities and provinces. "To achieve this, a travel option should be available within a three-minute walk. While scooter sharing offers a solution within urban areas, the density of individual providers is insufficient. By amalgamating all scooter sharing services into one app, umob ensures the availability of a nearby scooter without the need to switch between different apps."

300,000 vehicles across Europe

With the addition of Check, umob now facilitates access to 50,000 vehicles throughout Europe, including in cities like Barcelona, Brussels, Lisbon, Paris, Madrid, Milan, and Rome. Through partnerships with international providers such as Cooltra, Bolt, and Donkey Republic, umob aims to expand its offering to 300,000 vehicles by 2024, thereby hosting the largest array of transportation options within Europe.

Jorissen highlighted the international demand for a comprehensive mobility platform: "Across Europe, solutions to mobility challenges in and between major cities are being sought. Our platform is part of this solution, and we deem it important to offer our services internationally. By collaborating closely with international mobility providers, we can quickly increase our offering in multiple countries and extend the benefits of our MaaS app."

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