GO Sharing electric scooters available in Rotterdam

GO Sharing electric scooters available in Rotterdam

Shared electric scooters by GO Sharing are available in Rotterdam. Moving through the busy city traffic with an electric scooter is cheaper, faster, easier and better for the environment. There are regular 25km/h scooters as well as faster 45km/h versions available which are more suitable for longer distances. 

Travel just about anywhere between Rotterdam - The Hague

Electric scooter sharing system GO Sharing is available in Rotterdam. One major point of differentiation when compared to other electric scooters available in the city, is that GO Sharing focuses more on the entire Rotterdam-The Hague metropolitan area instead of just the inner city. With GO Sharing, you can get to the city (and back), from outlying municipalities and towns like Ridderkerk and Rijswijk or even nearby cities like The Hague and Zoetermeer. On a full charge, you can travel approximately 70 kilometres, which is quite a lot considering The Hague is only 21 kilometres away from Rotterdam. Not sure if you have enough juice to get home? No problem. You can shut off the scooter in any of the service locations and unlock another one later in the day for the ride back. 
The city of Rotterdam is looking for smart solutions that contribute to a healthy and accessible city and is fully committed to shared mobility. The e-scooter is a sustainable addition to the mobility offering in Rotterdam and contributes to keeping the city accessible. Another difference with Felyx is that GO Sharing is available 24/7. Moreover, anyone with a (local or international) driving licence (from 16 years of age) can use the electric scooters.

45km/h scooters for longer distances

In May 2021 GO Sharing installed 120 additional electric shared scooters in Rotterdam. The new shared scooters have a maximum speed of 45 km/h and are intended for travel between regions. Just like the other shared scooters of GO Sharing in the Rotterdam region, which have a maximum speed of 25 km/h, the new 45 km/h scooters are available 24 hours a day. The shared scooters are 100% electric and the batteries are charged with electricity from sustainable sources.
Drivers of the faster shared scooters are required to wear a helmet. Therefore, the 45 km/hr scooters are equipped with an app-enabled top case containing two helmets and hairnets. So-called Powerrangers - employees who change empty batteries - disinfect the helmets with every battery change.

How much does GO Sharing cost?

From 23 cents per minute you can drive a GO Sharing e-scooter without any subscription or boarding fees. Anyone with a valid driving licence for a scooter or car can use the sharing system. Via a mobile app you can locate and book one of the 650 available e-scooters in the Rotterdam-The Hague metropolitan area and only pay for the usage. Pay per minute, buy a prepaid package or use a GO Sharing e-scooter every day for a fixed monthly fee.
With the 45 km/h scooters, longer distances can be covered more quickly. The faster shared scooters are therefore intended for longer journeys and to encourage this a starting fee of €1 applies. The shared scooters can also be parked in the participating municipalities outside Rotterdam.
GO Sharing available in RotterdamGO Sharing available in Rotterdam

100% electric and emission free

Raymon Pouwels from GO Sharing: "Our electric scooter is suitable for young and old, perfect for students, tourists and useful for entrepreneurs who want to make sure they arrive on time for their appointment. What's more, our e-scooters are 100% electric and emission free. We charge them with green electricity and provide maintenance and service to the e-scooters using fully electric service vehicles. The GO Sharing e-scooters contribute to cleaner air and less noise pollution".
On the introduction of the 45km/h scooters, GO Sharing CEO Raymon Pouwels explains: "GO Sharing stands for a green planet with shared mobility from everyone, for everyone. That is why it is our mission to change behaviour from 'everyone has their own vehicle' to 'use it when you need it'. By enabling people to travel between regions using sustainable shared transport, we are taking the next step in our mission and making it more interesting for people to leave their own polluting transport behind, even for longer distances."

About GO Sharing

GO Sharing offers sustainable partial transport throughout the Netherlands, in the regions of Eindhoven, Rotterdam, Helmond, Groningen, Breda, Den Bosch, The Hague, Enschede, Leeuwarden, Oosterhout, Delft, Tilburg and Hengelo. The shared scooters are 100% electric and are charged with sustainable electricity. In addition, the service vehicles are also 100% electric.

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