Skating and fondue at Eurobrouwers

Skating and fondue at Eurobrouwers

ROTTERDAM, 21 November 2023 – As winter embraces the city, Eurobrouwers in Schiedam's historic Glasfabriek offers a unique blend of indoor comfort and outdoor excitement, providing an ideal setting for those seeking warmth and conviviality during the colder months.

Winter activities at Eurobrouwers

The Glasfabriek, a significant location in Schiedam, has been transformed for the winter season. Visitors can enjoy various activities, including an environmentally friendly synthetic ice rink measuring 10 by 20 meters, available from Friday to Sunday. Additionally, fresh snow is delivered every weekend for building snowmen or engaging in snowball fights, catering to both children and adults.

Indoor warmth and culinary delights

For those preferring the indoors, Eurobrouwers offers a cozy atmosphere beside the heater, where guests can partake in board games and savor a range of drinks and delicacies. Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, a homemade cheese fondue made with Booij kaasmakers cheese, calvados, and Eurobrouwers beer is served, accompanied by sourdough bread and a variety of raw vegetables.

The emergence of Eurobrouwers

Eurobrouwers, part of the Double Trouble group, is a recent addition to the hospitality scene in Schiedam. Originating from the vision of Kristian de Leeuw during the lockdowns, it has evolved into a full-fledged brand, combining a pop-up hospitality location and a brewery. The project, largely self-funded with additional investment from Rotterdam entrepreneur Clarissa Slingerland, showcases a commitment to community building and affordable, quality service.

Directions and location

Eurobrouwers is located in the Glasfabriek complex in Schiedam. The area is known for its industrial charm and historical significance.


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