Rotterdam's SUGO Pizza: Embracing plant-based cuisine

Rotterdam's SUGO Pizza: Embracing plant-based cuisine

ROTTERDAM, 5 June 2023 – The culinary scene in Rotterdam has always been a melting pot of innovation and tradition, and SUGO Pizza is no exception. The popular pizzeria, renowned for its square, airy 'pizza al taglio' (pizza by the slice), is making a notable shift this month. While dishes containing animal products were previously highlighted on the menu, the reverse is now true, with markings being placed on dishes containing plant-based ingredients.

A paradigm shift in dining?

The decision to make this change came from the company's director, Hugo Kruijssen, who explained that the company is striving to meet the growing demand for healthy and plant-based food. One example is the fully plant-based pizza with lamb kebab, red onion, and a dressing of garlic and pimentón. Despite this shift towards plant-based cuisine, milk is not entirely off the menu. Customers preferring non-plant-based milk, however, will be subject to a small surcharge.

A fresh approach to the menu

In addition to a majority of plant-based dishes, the menu also takes a new approach to ingredient labelling. Dishes containing egg, milk, or meat, for instance, are marked with a logo of the corresponding product. This is in line with the pizzeria's commitment to sustainable ingredients and varied plant-based eating. The Roman pizza served at SUGO is known for its high-protein flour, making it easily digestible. The base contains no fat and considerably fewer carbohydrates than an average pizza.

Partnering with Redefine Meat

In its pursuit of innovation, SUGO Pizza has formed a partnership with Redefine Meat, a company focusing on the development of 'new meat' that possesses the same taste, texture, and juiciness as animal meat but is 100% plant-based. This collaboration aims to develop innovative products for the SUGO Pizza menu.

SUGO pizzeria in Rotterdam is now fully plant-basedSUGO pizzeria in Rotterdam is now fully plant-based

Directions to SUGO Pizza

SUGO Pizza has various locations in Rotterdam, including at Aert van Nesstraat 20, Weestblaak 87, Kleiweg and Prins Alexanderplein. These vibrant parts of Rotterdam are easily accessible.

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