Didot34: Unveiling a unique shared dining experience in Rotterdam

Didot34: Unveiling a unique shared dining experience in Rotterdam

ROTTERDAM, 28 June 2023 – Nestled in the heart of Rotterdam, the historic Didot34 restaurant, once a newspaper printing press, has evolved into a culinary haven. The restaurant, known for its unique shared dining concept, has recently introduced a new dinner menu, offering a diverse range of dishes designed to be enjoyed collectively.

A historic monument with iconic appeal

Upon entering Didot34, one is immediately struck by the warm ambiance and stunning interior. The preserved elements of the historic monument lend an iconic 1950s feel to the space. This setting, perfect for celebrating special occasions, also welcomes those who simply wish to enjoy a meal or a drink at the cosmopolitan bar, known for its beautiful brass lighting.

Didot34: Unveiling a unique shared dining experience in RotterdamDidot34: Unveiling a unique shared dining experience in Rotterdam

Shared dining reimagined

This summer, Didot34 has elevated its menu with the introduction of a new shared dining concept. The menu, far from ordinary, surprises and delights with its variety of vegetarian options and unique dishes. Among the offerings are thinly sliced rib eye with yuzu, soy, garlic chips, papadum, and egg yolk, and roasted beets with stracciatella, parmesan crumble, watercress, and sourdough.

A culinary journey with Chef Michiel Buker

"Embracing an international cuisine that spans from Europe to Asia, we bring the essence of home cooking with international influences to life at Didot34. As an international port city, we consciously choose seasonal ingredients, resulting in an unforgettable culinary experience. I look forward to sharing my passion for the craft and contributing to the ongoing development of the restaurant," says Michiel Buker, the new chef at Didot34.

Popular dishes

Didot34's menu boasts many crowd-pleasers. The internationally inspired dishes pique curiosity, and the use of local, quality products ensures they hit just the right note. From breakfast to lunch, the restaurant offers a variety of dishes, including egg dishes, avocado toast, and generously topped sandwiches with bread from Rotterdam's icon, Jordy’s Bakery.

Didot34: Unveiling a unique shared dining experience in RotterdamDidot34: Unveiling a unique shared dining experience in Rotterdam

About Didot34

Located around the corner from Oostplein, in The Slaak Rotterdam hotel, Didot34 is housed in a building that is now a national monument and a typical example of Rotterdam's post-World War II reconstruction. The restaurant's name, Didot34, pays homage to the building's past, as Didot34 was the font used by the newspaper that once occupied the space.


Didot34 is situated in The Slaak Rotterdam hotel, just around the corner from Oostplein. The area is easily accessible and offers a variety of attractions for visitors.

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