How many millionaires live in Rotterdam?

How many millionnaires live in Rotterdam?How many millionnaires live in Rotterdam?
In 2019, about 223,000 of all private households in the Netherlands, had assets of 1 million euros or more. How about Rotterdam and its millions?

Millionaires in Rotterdam

According to data measured in 2018, Rotterdam is home to about 4000 millionaire households. So where do they live? In Rotterdam's top neighbourhoods. The most expensive real estate is found in Kralingen, Hillegersberg and along the Piet Smitkade.

Million-dollar homes in Rotterdam

Nationally, Rotterdam ranks third in the absolute number of million-dollar homes. Most of the million-dollar homes are in Rotterdam. In this city there are 2,750 million-dollar homes (2020). The most expensive street in Rotterdam is Vijverlaan. The average house value there is 1.74 million euros.

Millionaires in the Netherlands

Nationally, the average millionaire has a net worth of three million euros. That is 55 times as much as the average non-millionaire. Most of the millionaires live in Amsterdam, followed by The Hague, Rotterdam and Utrecht. Still, in terms of percentages, the Netherlands' most wealthy don't tend to live in the major cities. For example, in 2017, 11 per cent of the households in Laren were millionaires. This was also the case in other small cities like Blaricum and Bloemendaal where the number was 10 per cent.
*The value of an owner-occupied home or mortgage debt is not included, otherwise the percentage would be slightly higher.


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