How many millionaires live in Rotterdam?

How many millionaires live in Rotterdam?

Unveil the opulence of Rotterdam! Dive into the city's most affluent neighbourhoods, discover where the top-tier reside, and see how Rotterdam's luxury compares to other Dutch cities.

The rise of millionaire homes

The trend of homes valued over a million euros isn't just a Rotterdam phenomenon; it's a national trend. The Netherlands, by the end of 2022, boasted approximately 195,000 homes with a value exceeding one million euros. This marked a 13% increase from the previous year. While the growth rate has slowed down compared to the whopping 80% surge in 2021, the absolute numbers are still impressive. In 2022 alone, the country saw an addition of over 23,000 millionaire homes.

Rotterdam's share

Rotterdam, renowned for its innovative architecture, vibrant port, and rich cultural tapestry, has also become a hub for the affluent. Over the years, the city has experienced a notable increase in properties valued at over a million euros, underscoring its escalating economic prosperity and allure as a prime residential location.

Rotterdam, as of 2022, is home to a substantial number of millionaire households. The city has 5,250 homes valued at one million euros or more, marking a significant increase of 15.6% compared to the previous year. This growth rate positions Rotterdam as one of the cities with the largest growth in million-euro homes. The city's most affluent areas include Kralingen, Hillegersberg, and along the Piet Smitkade. Vijverlaan remains the priciest street in Rotterdam, where the average home value stands at 1.74 million euros.

Moreover, by 2023, the Netherlands' priciest apartment was sold in Rotterdam. Dubbed 'The Box', this sprawling thousand-square-meter apartment, situated in Katendrecht, is set to redefine luxury. With a price bracket of €15 to €20 million, the prospective owners can enjoy three expansive floors, panoramic views of the Rijnhaven, and a staggering ceiling height of 12 meters.

National Perspective

On a national scale, the average millionaire in the Netherlands has a net worth of three million euros, which is 55 times the average non-millionaire. Most millionaires reside in Amsterdam, followed by The Hague, Rotterdam, and Utrecht. However, in terms of percentages, the wealthiest in the Netherlands don't predominantly live in major cities. For instance, in 2017, 11% of households in Laren were millionaires. Similar numbers were observed in smaller cities like Blaricum and Bloemendaal, with 10% of households falling into the millionaire category.

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