Rotterdam Rooftop Days to be opened with highline stunt

Man walking tightropeMan walking tightrope
On Saturday, June 2nd at 12:00 the Rotterdam Dakendagen will be officially opened with a special stunt. Highliners will cross between the roofs of the Marriott Hotel and the First, two skyscrapers at Weena and Stationsplein, doing so at a dizzying height of 130 meters. 
The members of the Rotterdam highline group Dreamwalkers will be balancing on a 140-meter long elastic cord, stretched between the two buildings. This opening act is best viewed from Stationsplein. It is advisable to bring binoculars with you. 
More than three times as high
Last year, the Dreamwalkers also opened the Rotterdam Roof Days, by crossing between the two Lijnbaan apartments, at a height of 40 meters. This year's feat will be no repeat exercise; the line is not only three times higher this year but it's also three times as long. After this opening act, the roofs are officially declared open.
Dreamwalker 📷 Frank HanswijkDreamwalker 📷 Frank Hanswijk 
Launch of Rotterdam Rooftop Days
In total, a record number of 56 roofs are part of the festival. Though the festival actually starts on Friday with special events on rooftops, it is on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd June that 16 exclusive open roofs can be visited. All you need is a Dakpas (rooftop pass), which is for sale for € 7.50.  The remaining 40 roofs are part of special tours and events.


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