Oyster Opening World Cup in Rotterdam - location, date, info

Oyster Opening World Cup in Rotterdam - location, date, info

The Oyster Opening World Cup 2019 will go down right here in Rotterdam during the 'Gastvrij Rotterdam' hospitality trade fair. Participants from 24 different countries will participate at the event.

On Monday 23 September 2019, the Oyster Opening World Cup will be held during the Gastvrij Rotterdam 2019 hospitality trade fair in Ahoy. On this day, 24 countries will compete for the coveted title. An expert jury will judge the participants on speed and presentation and will determine the winner of the Oyster Opening World Cup 2019. The presentation of the spectacular finale in Ahoy is in the hands of oyster man Barend Havenaar and winegrower Barbara Verbeek of the Wijntheater.

The rules

During the Oyster Opening World Cup 2019, 24 participants from 24 countries will compete with each other. Each participant will receive thirty flat oysters from Zeeland and a wooden competition plate measuring 50 by 70 cm. The aim is to open the oysters as professionally as possible in the shortest possible time. Speed and presentation are taken into account in the assessment, which takes place via a points system. For example, it is checked whether the meat has not been cut to pieces, whether the opened oyster is free of grit and whether the oyster meat has been cut loose from the shell. The individual with the fewest penalties, the best presentation points and the fastest time can call him- or herself the best oyster opener in the world. Currently, the world record of 2 minutes and 11 seconds is in the name of Anti Lepik from Estonia.

The jury

An expert jury will determine who becomes the world champion. This group of professionals consists of Felix Wilbrink (culinary journalist from De Telegraaf), Wil van Merkensteijn (education and communication specialist from Schmidt Zeevis), Hasse Johannesson (Sweden, Oyster Opening World Cup 2019) and Stephen Nolan (Ireland, multiple world champion oyster opening). The rules that are used are drawn up by the World Oyster Opening Association.

Arrival of participants in Rotterdam

On Sunday, September 22 at 17:00 hours, the 24 flag-bearing international participants will arrive at Hotel New York's docks by boat. There, they will be welcomed with oysters from the Oesterij and oyster beer from the Scheldebrouwerij.

For more information on the Oyster Opening World Cup 2019, visit the Wijntheater website.

Event details

Oyster Opening World Cup 2019

Rotterdam Ahoy
Ahoyweg 10, 3084 BA Rotterdam

Date & Time:
23 September 2019 | 15:00 - 18:00

World class Oyster Openers


Event type:
Hospitality trade fair


Location: Ahoy Rotterdam

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