New York Mini Marathon in Rotterdam supports diabetes research

New York Mini Marathon in Rotterdam supports diabetes research

Diabetes Fund hosts New York Mini Marathon in Rotterdam on 13 May, inviting runners and walkers to raise funds and awareness for diabetes research.


On Saturday, 13 May 2023, the New York Mini Marathon takes place in Rotterdam, an event organised by the Diabetes Fund. New to this fifth anniversary edition is the participation of walkers. The goal is to raise awareness of diabetes and to collect funds for research. This is urgently needed, as 1.2 million Dutch people have diabetes, with a thousand added weekly. A life free from diabetes is the dream.


Experience “New York” for a day

Participants will experience the atmosphere of New York for a day, running or walking among skyscrapers, along the Maas River, and across the Erasmus Bridge. Along the route, cheerleaders and a gospel choir will offer encouragement. The festival site is set to feature food trucks, a DJ playing catchy tunes, and a performance by local Dutch Sinatra-style musician Lee Towers as the closing act.


Running and walking distances

The New York Mini Marathon is open to all, with the option to participate individually or as part of a team. Various distances are available for runners: 4.2 km, 10.5 km, or 21 km, while the walking route spans 5 km. Designed specifically for children aged four to twelve, the Kidsrun comprises a 420-metre course with an array of obstacles and games.

It should be noted that the New York Mini Marathon is not an official race; there will be no time registration, and the route will not be fully closed. Instead, volunteers will be on hand to mark the route and provide directions.


Taking action for diabetes

By participating in running or walking events, individuals actively contribute to the fight against diabetes. The objective is to amass as much funding as possible for research aimed at preventing, improving treatment, and ultimately curing diabetes.

Diena Halbertsma, director of the Diabetes Fund, has expressed that a life without diabetes is the shared dream of those affected by the condition and their loved ones. The impact of diabetes on a person's life is profound, as the disease necessitates continuous management and heightens the risk of additional health complications such as eye, nerve, and kidney damage.

The funds garnered through the New York Mini Marathon are intended to enhance the quality of life for those living with diabetes, and the director has voiced her pride in the many individuals who have chosen to support this cause by running or walking in solidarity.


Registration New York Mini Marathon Rotterdam

Register for the New York Mini Marathon at Runners pay a €29.50 registration fee, while the Kidsrun costs €22.50. Walkers pay €20 as an adult and €10 as a child.

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