New music education initiative launched in Rotterdam-Zuid

New music education initiative launched in Rotterdam-Zuid

ROTTERDAM, 3 June 2024 – A new partnership between the Port of Rotterdam and the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra aims to provide music education to 6,000 children in Rotterdam-Zuid each year. The collaboration will help schools in Rotterdam-Zuid overcome barriers to accessing cultural education.

Port of Rotterdam and Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra join forces for music education in Rotterdam-Zuid

A renewed sponsorship agreement between the Port of Rotterdam and the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra will enable thousands of children from schools in Rotterdam-Zuid to experience the joy of music each year. The partnership aims to break down barriers that have previously prevented many schools in the area from attending performances at De Doelen.

Henriette Henny, Manager Development at the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, explained the significance of this initiative: "For many schools in Zuid, attending performances at De Doelen remains challenging due to various factors such as high costs, limited learning time, staff shortages, and the perception of the orchestra. This renewed partnership allows the orchestra to fulfil its dream of reaching more children in Zuid."

Long-term commitment to education

Boudewijn Siemons, CEO of the Port of Rotterdam, and George Wiegel, General Director of the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, signed the sponsorship extension at De Doelen, extending their longstanding collaboration until the end of 2026. The Port of Rotterdam will contribute €40,000 annually to support the orchestra’s outreach efforts in Rotterdam-Zuid.

Connecting schools and culture

As part of the collaboration, a coordinator will be appointed to link various parties in Rotterdam-Zuid with the aim of achieving cultural and social objectives. The plan includes partnering with at least ten schools in Zuid to organise an enriched musical school day each year. These events will feature mini-concerts and music workshops, involving approximately 6,000 children annually.

Boudewijn Siemons emphasised the importance of connecting the city and the port: "As the Port of Rotterdam, we are inextricably linked to Rotterdam. Through this collaboration, many children from the city can get acquainted with the Rotterdam Philharmonic. Music can create so much connection and joy, and we are pleased to contribute to that."

Partnership history

The Port of Rotterdam has been a significant sponsor of the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra for many years, supporting various initiatives, including the orchestra's travel fund. This sponsorship allowed Europe’s largest port to utilise the city’s top orchestra to welcome guests, with concerts often linked to receptions abroad in cities such as Brussels, Vienna, Paris, Jakarta, and Seoul.

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