Lime launches new Gen4 E-bikes in Rotterdam

Lime launches new Gen4 E-bikes in Rotterdam

ROTTERDAM, 24 October 2023Lime introduces its latest generation of e-bikes, Gen4, in Rotterdam, marking a significant upgrade in the city's shared transportation options.

Lime, a leading provider of electric shared vehicles, has announced the replacement of its current e-bike fleet in Rotterdam with the new Gen4 bikes. This move comes after three successful years of operation in the city and aligns with the growing demand for sustainable transportation options.

The introduction of Gen4 e-bikes in Rotterdam represents a long-term commitment by Lime to the Dutch market. This upgrade is in response to a notable increase in usage: in September 2023, Lime e-bike rides rose by 20% compared to the same month last year, and the number of unique active users increased by 18%. Overall, 2023 has seen a 40% rise in rides compared to the previous year.

Gen4 E-bikes: Innovations and features

The Gen4 e-bikes boast a modular design, enhancing their durability with a lifespan of over six years. Each component of the bike is detachable, allowing for easy repairs and replacements. Additionally, these bikes feature increased motor power for smoother rides.

A standout feature of the Gen4 e-bikes is their interchangeable battery, which is 96% recyclable and offers an industry-leading range of up to 64 kilometers. This improvement not only increases operational efficiency but also contributes to the sustainability of the service.

Lime's growth and impact in Rotterdam

Since November 2020, Lime's fleet of 500 shared bikes has enabled users to cover over 845,528 kilometers in Rotterdam. The company's decision to upgrade to Gen4 e-bikes is part of its broader strategy to reduce individual vehicle ownership and promote eco-friendly transportation in the city.

Tom Hollestelle, Senior Operations Manager for Lime in the Benelux & Scandinavia, commented, "The introduction of our Gen4 e-bikes shows our desire to invest long-term in the city of Rotterdam and to expand further in the country."

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