The Gallery Salon Studios to offer salon spaces in Rotterdam

The Gallery Salon Studios to offer salon spaces in Rotterdam

The Gallery Salon Studios opens in the centre of Rotterdam. The startup offers flexible, fully-equipped salon studios for independent hairstylists and beauty professionals.
In February 2020, The Gallery Salon Studios will open its doors at Schiedamsedijk 3 in Rotterdam's city centre. The Gallery Salon Studios offers independent hairstylists and beauty professionals their own inspiring and fully equipped salon studios with all facilities. The new concept will make available no less than 560m2 for flexible salon studio space. 
Professionals, also known as members, decide when they work, what products they work with and sell, and their own rates. In addition, they benefit from a network of other enterprising beauty professionals and a calendar of events, inspiration sessions and training sessions. The Gallery Salon Studios is part of the Station F Beauty Tech Atelier in Paris, L'Oreal's global startup innovation program. Memberships are already available from €690 per month. More information regarding registration can be found by visiting

Fully equipped studios for beauty entrepreneurs

Following the global success of flexible office space providers, the concept of salon studios has become a well-known phenomenon in the United States. The market there is growing by 15 per cent annually and the major players from the US are now expanding to other countries. The two Rotterdam entrepreneurs Camiel Crain and Luuk van Wijmen, who previously worked for Proctor & Gamble and Unilever respectively, see the potential and with The Gallery Salon Studios they are the very first to bring the concept of flexible salon studios to Europe.
Luuk van Wijmen: "The number of independent stylists is growing by 5 per cent annually, but there are hardly any affordable and suitable salons to be found for this group of entrepreneurs. With The Gallery Salon Studios we provide stylists with fully equipped salon studios and support them in running their business, for example in the field of marketing. This allows stylists to fully focus on their own talents and clients. As a result, hairstylists have their own salon, but are not on their own."

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