Starbucks is coming to Hofplein

Hofpoort by Fred RomeroHofpoort by Fred Romero

The office building at Hofplein 19 is currently being renovated. When complete, the building will house various large businesses and it will also be the home of a brand new Starbucks. 

Currently, there are two, or actually three Starbucks locations in the city. One is inside of Rotterdam Centraal railway station and accessible to all. The other is also inside Rotterdam Centraal but only accessible to travellers as you need to enter beyond the check-in gates and into the tunnel. The third Starbucks is on the grounds of Erasmus University. It is our hope that the new Starbucks at Hofplein will be larger and able to accommodate more people. Starbucks Hofplein is set to open by mid-2018.  

 Hofplein 19Hofplein 19

Hofplein 19 renovations

Hofplein 19, an iconic building in its own right, was built in 1960 as an office for Shell. The building was designed by architect C.A. Abspoel. Later, in the seventies, the concrete Shell-tower was added. The blue glass facade was added in the 80's and is now being replaced with transparent glass, so it retains the old look of the sixties. The Shell station below the building is also being renovated and should be open for business in the spring of 2018.  


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