SIXT share launches electric carsharing service in Rotterdam

SIXT share - Carsharing in RotterdamSIXT share - Carsharing in Rotterdam
SIXT is known for its classical car rental services; you rent a car online or through the app, you go to the counter, get your keys and get into the car. Since summer 2020, the company has introduced its own car sharing service: SIXT share.

What is SIXT share?

SIXT share is a free floating car-sharing service that allows the user to pick up and drop off a car everywhere in the business area of the city. It is the first car-sharing service in The Netherlands that allows you to pick up cars everywhere in Rotterdam, Amsterdam and The Hague, and even use the cars to drive from one city to the other.

How SIXT share works

By using one simple app, you get access to a wide variety of cars, where you decide how long you use the car and where within the business areas of the three big cities – or general SIXT stations – you drop it off again. The app shows the availability of a car around the corner of wherever you are. In the app, you select whether you wish to pay per minute or book either an hourly or daily package for your car.
SIXT share - Carsharing in RotterdamSIXT share - Carsharing in Rotterdam

It's electric

What is cool about the fleet, is that it’s 100% electric. In today’s climate, this is a smart solution to lower air pollution by petrol engines. So if you're worried about your carbon footprint, have no fear. In term of choice, SIXT offers a decent variety of electric cars, from the little agile Seat Citigo to the bigger and more luxurious Jaguar I-Pace. 
SIXT partnered up with various charging stations, so users can easily recharge the car during or at the end of their journey, and even get bonus driving minutes for doing so.
Find out more about by visiting the SIXT share website (in Dutch)  to learn more about it, or download the SIXT app for iOS and Android.


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