Rotterdam continues to build homes at a rapid pace

Zalmhaven Tower RotterdamZalmhaven Tower Rotterdam
Looking to move to a new home in the coming years? Technically, that should not be a problem. There's a building boom in Rotterdam as new projects add thousands of new homes to the city. 

Building record 

The environmental permits for around 1,300 new homes have recently become irrevocable. This means that the construction of the Zalmhaven tower and the transformation of the Europoint towers can continue. Both projects will add many new homes. Rotterdam broke a building record in 2017 with the construction of 3764 new homes. It is expected that 2018 will be an even bigger year for the housing market. 
Projects already started in 2018:
  • Hof van Heij (48 homes in Heijplaat)
  • Zuiderhof (73 homes at the former Zuiderziekenhuis)
  • (Transformation of) watertorenweg (47 homes in De Esch)

Projects starting later in 2018:
  • De Cooltower (267 houses in the Baankwartier)
  • Little-C (320 homes next to the Coolhaven)
  • (Transformation of the) Europoint Torens (840 homes at Marconiplein)
  • Zalmhaventoren (482 homes in the Scheepvaartkwartier)
Rotterdam's building boom is the result of the Woonvisie 2030Woonvisie 2030 plan. Part of the city's "housing vision" entails that wherever possible, vacant offices and shops will be converted into homes. Judging by the speed with which new construction projects are moving, it is quite possible that close to 50,000 new homes will be added by 2030.


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