Final result of the Rotterdam municipal elections in 2018

Final result of the Rotterdam municipal elections in 2018

The 2018 Rotterdam municipal elections took place on Wednesday, March 21st. On Friday morning, March 23, Mayor Aboutaleb, as chairman of the central electoral committee, announced the final results. 
Election stats
  • The total turnout in Rotterdam is: 46.04%.
  • Number of voters: 501,234
  • Number of votes cast: 230,786
  • Number of blank votes: 1.152
  • Number of invalid votes: 2.099
  • Quota: 5.128
The quota: the electoral quota is the total number of votes cast in an election divided by the number of seats to be distributed. The electoral quota is needed to be able to determine the distribution of seats in the city council after the elections.The total votes cast 230,786 divided by 45 council seats yields a quota of 5.128. 
Rotterdam 2018 Municipal Election resultsRotterdam 2018 Municipal Election results

Residual seats
after the first allocation of the 'full' seats to the parties, seats will still remain. These are called residual seats. These residual seats are distributed according to the 'system of the largest averages'.
The residual seat distribution is as follows:
  • Leefbaar Rotterdam: 2 seats
  • PvdA: 1 seat
  • D66: 1 seat
  • SP: 1 seat
  • VVD: 1 seat
  • CDA: 1 seat
  • DENK: 1 seat
Drag-net referendum: 57.4% NO / 38.5% YES
Constituents were also asked to cast a yes or no vote regarding a new law that would allow the collection and sharing of personal data with national and international intelligence agencies. Rotterdam voted 'no'. 

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