Krozant opens its doors: Fresh Croissants in the heart of Rotterdam

Krozant opens its doors: Fresh Croissants in the heart of Rotterdam

ROTTERDAM, 13 June 2023 – Exciting news for croissant lovers in Rotterdam: Yvette Jansen and Nadia Stam, two passionate locals, are soon to be offering their unique, fresh-baked croissants to the city.

Yvette Jansen and Nadia Stam's dream becomes reality

The dream of Yvette Jansen and Nadia Stam of starting their own bakery in the city where they were born and raised is soon to be fulfilled. From 17 June, residents and visitors alike will have the opportunity to enjoy freshly baked croissants, bread, pastries, and quality coffee at their croissant workshop, aptly named 'Krozant'. “Our vision is truly coming to life!” they expressed with enthusiasm.

Unique offerings at 'Krozant'

Located at the iconic Groot Handelsgebouw (GHG) in the city's heart, Krozant, Yvette and Nadia's first venture, is set to open soon. Visitors can expect a wide range of baked goods. Classics such as chocolate or coffee buns will be available, as well as more unique creations such as a croissant filled with chicken thigh and mango chutney or a BLT croissant with lemon mayonnaise. In addition, the menu includes other sweet and savoury pastries, sandwiches, and coffee from Rotterdam’s Giraffe Coffee Roasters.

Krozant opens its doors: Fresh Croissants in the heart of RotterdamKrozant opens its doors: Fresh Croissants in the heart of Rotterdam

A dedication to craftsmanship

The novel 'Krozants' are not the only way Yvette and Nadia seek to distinguish themselves. Craftsmanship is deeply valued at Krozant. Every day, all croissants and pastries are made by hand, with attention to every detail. “The creation of Krozants requires a lot of time and love,” says Yvette, “at Krozant, everyone has the opportunity to take a peek into our kitchen and experience that love.”

Directions to Krozant

The Krozant bakery is situated in the Groot Handelsgebouw's parking garage. This makes it an ideal stop for office workers in the Central District, day-trippers from outside the city, or locals who crave a treat. To find Krozant, simply enter the Groot Handelsgebouw's main entrance, and follow the signs to the parking garage. The surrounding area is bustling with activity, full of shops, cafés, and other businesses.

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