Coffee spots: Doppio Espresso

doppio kruisplein 01doppio kruisplein 01
DOPPIO, located at Kruisplein, is a cosy and productive coffee spot located smack in the middle of Rotterdam's city centre; a stone's throw away from Central Station. 

If you're looking for a nice place to sit and have a meeting, get some work done or just enjoy quality coffee, be sure to give DoppioDoppio a try. I recently spent a couple of hours here. I had a Caffè Mocha Bianco which was quite delicious, followed by one of their 'single origin' coffees. I think it was the Kachalú. 


doppio kruisplein 02doppio kruisplein 02

Also worth mentioning

  • DOPPIO serves breakfast as well as (Italian) lunch
  • Want your own stash? You can buy packaged coffee beans and tea here.
  • Winner AD Koffietest 2008
  • Winner Allegra Best Coffee Chain Benelux 2013
  • Winner Allegra Best Coffee Chain Western Europe

Address and Location - Doppio Espresso


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