The 10 tallest buildings in Rotterdam

The 10 tallest buildings in Rotterdam

Rotterdam is known for its modern architecture. Some even refer to it as 'Manhattan on the river Maas.' Of all the buildings, have you ever wondered how tall they were? We've made a list of Rotterdam's tallest current and future skyscrapers. 

12. Erasmus MC – 120 metres – 2012

Erasmus MC Rotterdam 120 meters completed in 2012Erasmus MC Rotterdam 120 meters completed in 2012

Erasmus Medical Centre is large medical facility and teaching hospital in Rotterdam's city centre. It was originally opened in 1961 but renovated and expanded with an additional 185.000 m2 in 2017. The new buildings and tower were designed by EGM Architecten. The address is 's-Gravendijkwal 230, 3015 CE Rotterdam.

11. World Port Center – 123.10 metres – 2001

World Port Centre Rotterdam 123 meters completed in 2001World Port Centre Rotterdam 123 meters completed in 2001

The World Port Center is a 32-storey office building, mostly in use by Port of Rotterdam. It was one of the very first skyscrapers built in the Kop van Zuid area, now known for its many tall buildings. World Port Centre was designed by Sir Norman Foster and completed in 2001. The address is Wilhelminakade 901, 3072 AR Rotterdam. 

10. The Red Apple – 127.10 metres – 2009

The Red Apple Rotterdam 127 meters completed in 2009The Red Apple Rotterdam 127 meters completed in 2009

The Red Apple is a multifunctional building with a tall residential tower located on Wijnhaveneiland, in Maritiem District (maritime district). The residential tower has 40 floors and houses 152 apartments. It was designed by KCAP together with Jan des Bouvrie, a Dutch interior designer who focused on the lifestyle aspects of the building. The address is Wijnbrugstraat 140, 3011 XW Rotterdam.

9. FIRST Rotterdam – 128 metres – 2015

FIRST Rotterdam 128 meters completed in 2015FIRST Rotterdam 128 meters completed in 2015

The First Rotterdam office building, located across the street from Rotterdam's central station, is part of the Weenapoint complex. It has 31 above-ground floors and two floors below-ground. The building was designed by de Architekten Cie. and opened to the public in 2015. 

8. Millennium Tower – 131 metres (149 including mast) – 2000

Millennium Tower Rotterdam 131 meters completed in 2000Millennium Tower Rotterdam 131 meters completed in 2000

The Millenium Tower, across the street from Centraal Station, is perhaps better known as the Marriott hotel. The building was designed by WZMH Architects alongside AGS Architecten and was completed in 2000. The address is Weena 686, 3012 CN Rotterdam. 

7. Montevideo – 139.5 metres – 2005

Montevideo 140 meters completed in 2005Montevideo 140 meters completed in 2005

Montevideo is a 43-storey residential tower designed by Mecanoo. The name 'Montevideo' was chosen because it was in line with the names of old warehouses which once stood in this area. These warehouses had names such as New Orleans, Baltimore, Santos and Havana. There's a large letter M on top of the building (invisible in the above photo) which is 8 meters tall and serves as a weather vane. The address for Montevideo is Landverhuizersplein 2-52, 3072 MH Rotterdam. 

6. De Rotterdam – 149 metres – 2013

De Rotterdam 149 meters completed in 2013De Rotterdam 149 meters completed in 2013

De Rotterdam is a colossal building designed by Rem Koolkaas' Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA) in 1998. It features 72.000 m2 of office space, a hotel with 285 rooms, 2.500 m2 of fitness facilities and 240 residential apartments. Construction started in 2009 and the building was opened to the public in November of 2013. The address is Wilhelminakade 139, 3072 AP Rotterdam. 

5. Delftse Poort – 151 metres – 1992

Gebouw Delftse Poort 151 meters tall completed in 1993Gebouw Delftse Poort 151 meters tall completed in 1993

Delftse Poort is a skyscraper complex consisting of two towers reaching the heights of 151.35 meters (Tower I) and 93 meters (Tower II) respectively. It's usually referred to as the 'Nationale Nederlanden' building. Moreover, its reflective surface often makes for stunning photography. The complex was designed by Dutch architect Abe Bonnema. The address is Weena 505, 3013AL, Rotterdam. 

4. Cooltower – 154 metres – 2022

Cooltower Rotterdam. Photo credit: Ossip van DuivenbodeCooltower Rotterdam. Photo credit: Ossip van Duivenbode

The Cooltower is a prominent residential skyscraper situated in the Cool district of Rotterdam, Netherlands. Standing at a height of 150 meters, it ranks among the city's tallest residential buildings. The tower was designed by V8 Architects and developed by UVastgoed, with construction commencing in 2017 and reaching completion in 2021. Spread across its 50 floors are 284 apartments, offering residents a high-rise living experience. The Cooltower is not just about its impressive height; it also provides a range of amenities for its residents.

3. New Orleans – 158.35 metres – 2010

New Orleans 158 meters completed in 2010New Orleans 158 meters completed in 2010

This modernist residential skyscraper was designed by award-winning Portuguese architect Álvaro Siza Vieira. The 46-storey building is currently the tallest residential building in the Netherlands. The address is Otto Reuchlinweg 996, 3011 BN Rotterdam. 

2. Maastoren – 164.75 metres – 2009

Maastoren 165 meters completed in 2009Maastoren 165 meters completed in 2009

Standing tall at 165 metres, the Maastoren is the tallest building in the Netherlands. This office building, which is home to the Dutch headquarters of Deloitte, was designed by Dam & Partners Architecten with support from French firm Odile Decq Benoit Cornette. An interesting fact is that the interior of the building is both heated and cooled with water from the river. Even the sprinklers are powered by river water. The address is Maastoren, Wilhelminakade 1, 3072 AP Rotterdam. 

1. Zalmhaventoren – 190 metres (215 metres including mast) – 2021

Zalmhaventoren Zalmhaventoren

The Zalmhaven Tower, also known as Zalmhaventoren, is a residential skyscraper in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. It holds the distinction of being the tallest residential building in the country, reaching a height of 215 meters or 705 feet. The tower is part of a larger project known as Zalmhaven, which also includes two smaller residential buildings, Zalmhaven I and Zalmhaven II, each standing 70 meters tall.

The project was a collaborative effort, designed by Dam & Partners Architecten and KCAP Architects&Planners, and developed by AM and Amvest. Construction began in 2019 and reached completion in 2022. The Zalmhaven Tower is home to a variety of residences, including apartments, penthouses, and townhouses, totaling 475 residences.

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