Stadsvilla Mout - Boutique hotel in Schiedam

Stadsvilla Mout - boutique hotel in SchiedamStadsvilla Mout - boutique hotel in Schiedam
Stadsvilla Mout, a renovated 18th-century patrician house, has recently opened its doors to the public as a boutique hotel in Schiedam's historic city centre.

Boutique hotel

Spread over three floors, are seventeen hotel rooms, including suites, family rooms, double rooms and an apartment that are suitable for both short and long stays. The rooms are large in design and luxurious, bright and equipped with their own pantry. The rooms are equipped with TV, handy (hotel smartphone) and cooking facilities. The larger rooms are equipped with a more spacious pantry, seating area and dining table.
Stadsvilla Mout - boutique hotel in SchiedamStadsvilla Mout - boutique hotel in Schiedam
Stadsvilla Mout - boutique hotel in SchiedamStadsvilla Mout - boutique hotel in Schiedam
For guests staying longer, a washing machine and a dryer are also available. The hotel supplies fresh local products every day with which guests can prepare their own breakfasts.
Meeting room at Stadsvilla Mout - boutique hotel in SchiedamMeeting room at Stadsvilla Mout - boutique hotel in Schiedam
Stadsvilla Mout also has two meeting rooms which can accommodate 22 people and works of art by Greek art & fashion photographer Igor Vasiliadis adorn the hall on the first floor.

National monument

Stadsvilla Mout is housed in a national monument from 1750. The building features a marble hall, high ceilings complete with original details. The building has an extensive history. In the 18th century, it served as the residence of the patrician family Van Pelt. Later, the Volksbond, a Roman-Catholic charitable organisation moved into the building. During WOI, Belgian refugees came here to cook and eat. In the seventies, the building was home to Arcade; a famous nightclub. At a certain point, the building became abandoned.
Stadsvilla Mout - boutique hotel in SchiedamStadsvilla Mout - boutique hotel in Schiedam

A tribute to Schiedam

Schiedam is a great source of inspiration for the hotel. First of all, the name, 'Mout,' is inspired by the grain (malt) that is the basis for gin (jenever), a flourishing industry in the city. In fact, when in Schiedam you will find warehouses, distilleries, grain mills, waterways as well as the grain exchange. In addition, each room is named after a well-known product or company in Schiedam such as Bonte Koe (chocolate), Nolet (distillery), Molen de Walvisch (museum) and Huisman (ship installations).

Passion for historic buildings

The hotel is part of the Fine hotels and suites chain, which includes Stadsvilla Hotel Mozaic in The Hague and Casa Julia in Delft. All of them are hotels with a monumental and authentic character.
Stadsvilla Mout was founded and is run by Corina Waaijer. "I was looking for a location near Rotterdam and ran into this beautiful, but unfortunately very dilapidated monument that has stood empty for 20 years. The thorough renovation, with the necessary challenges, lasted three years. My personal motivation is to transform historic buildings into special places where guests can enjoy and where they feel at home" says Corina Waaijer.

Practical information

  • Room prices per night range from 79 euros (small double room) to 155 euros (family room for four people) including coffee and tea, excluding breakfast.
  • Stadvilla Mout is located in the historic city centre of Schiedam, a stone's throw away from all shops, restaurants and museums.
  • Free parking is available at about 8 minutes walking distance from the hotel.
  • In addition to accommodation, the hotel is also suitable for meetings and offers a special arrangement for bridal couples.

Location: Stadsvilla Mout

The hotel is located along the Lange Haven, Schiedam's most beautiful canal and home to numerous historic buildings.
Address: Lange Haven 71 in Schiedam.


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