Noo.Me - Asian street food in Rotterdam

NooMe Asian StreetfoodNooMe Asian Streetfood
Noo.Me, located in Rotterdam's Stadsdriehoek area is a good choice for great looking - but even better tasting - Asian street food. 
We were in the city centre the other day and looking to grab a quick bite when we came across this cozy restaurant called Noo.Me. It's located in Stadsdriehoek, near Meent. 
The place has a laidback vibe, the food is good and service is quick. "Simple, delightful Asian street food" is how my sister described it. 
The menu features a wide variety of dumplings, bites (such as chicken and shrimp on toast) as well as various noodle soups. They also have a very nice thinly sliced Peking duck that comes with pancakes so you can make your own wraps.
P.S. we didn't do this, but according to the website you can ask for fresh zucchini noodles if you're watching your weight ;-).  
NooMe - interiorNooMe - interior
NooMe - Toasty Haha - Fried chicken and shrimp on toastNooMe - Toasty Haha - Fried chicken and shrimp on toast
Botersloot 18A
3011HG Rotterdam
Website: http://www.noo-me.nl
Phone: 010 737 1865


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